Western Clothing: Inspired by Cowboys, Ideal for Modern Men


Western Clothing: Inspired by Cowboys, Ideal for Modern Men

Western clothing pieces these days take inspiration from the traditional clothing worn in the American West, including jeans, hats, shirts, cowboy boots and more. Western wear seems like is here to stay as it keeps on upgrading the everyday look to something more unique.

Australia is a land of cattle, outback and cowboys as well, so it’s no surprise that the mens Western clothing is quite popular in the Land Down Under. The cowboy figure has inspired many designers and has been seen throughout various interpretations, however, the current Western style is all about a casual approach and easy to wear fabrics. The following are key pieces that can help you pull off the Western look and are fit for the urban streets.

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Western Wear for Men

The Western style these days is more of a development on the current fashion trends’ lust for hardwearing and utilitarian workwear. You can find a collection of mens Western clothing and choose the pieces you like the most, but keep in mind that when it comes to Western-style it’s best to go with it one piece at a time.

By keeping the focus on one piece, you can show your nod to Western-style without looking like you came out of a Western movie. It’s easy to take Western wear over the limit, so for men who want to dip their toes in the Western look, it’s better to stick to one or two bold Western pieces or sport Western accessories only. Cotton, denim, suede, leather, and wool are common materials that have been used in Western clothing for decades, so you can choose pieces made of these materials to add a country vibe to your wardrobe, even if they are not promoted as Western wear.


A plaid shirt is one of the easiest and simplest ways to introduce Western flair to your wardrobe. A combination of jeans and a plaid shirt is the most classic way to get into country fashion. Originally, Western shirts were made of cotton and with long sleeves, to protect the cowboys from the sun and sand. Today, Western-inspired shirts still reflect the workwear nature of the country style.

You can choose from a variety of colours and patterns, but the most important thing is to select the right fit. A flannelette or a denim shirt is a great choice since it reflects the workwear nature of the country style. You can opt for long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless shirts, depending on your personal preferences.

Western-style Pants


Western-style has always been closely associated with jeans. They are probably the most essential part of the look, comfortable, durable and practical piece of clothing. You can choose from many different models of jeans and pants and select what suits your body shape best, whether it’s a straight fit, slim fit, skinny jeans, standard bootcut, shorts, or else.


Wearing a vest can add some old-time charm to your outfit, but also, it’s a comfortable piece of clothing that provides an extra layer of protection from the cold weather. Western-style vests come in a variety of materials and styles and go very well with jeans and shirts.


Cowboy boots for men are classic pieces of footwear with a rich history. Cowboy leather boots are durable and comfortable and can instantly enhance your appearance. You can combine the classic cowboy boots with almost every coat and a pair of jeans you have. Pointed-toe boots offer a more classic approach, while square toe cowboy boots can add toughness to your overall look.

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When it comes to Western accessories, cowboy hats are the most popular ones, available in a wide range of sizes and styles. When choosing a cowboy hat, make sure you choose one that’s comfortable and flatters the shape of your face. Leather belts are popular Western accessories as well. They are high quality and durable pieces that can be worn for various occasions.

Tips on How to Wear It

Western wear for men symbolises laid-back apparel with a country vibe, versatile and cool at the same time. The look is attractive and stylish, but it’s really easy to overdo it. Many style elements can help you take your everyday look to an urban cowboy appearance. While there are many tips on how to pull off the chic Western look for women, here are some tips that may help all the men out there.


A combination of a t-shirt and jeans with a pair of leather boots is a great choice if you are going for a more relaxed look. While it might be the easiest way to get the desired look, it can still make an ultimate style statement. Also, you can opt for a flannel shirt instead of a t-shirt if you want to stand out nicely on various occasions. To upgrade the look, you can even a flannel shirt or a plaid shirt over your t-shirt.

black leather boots


If you want to get closer to the classic cowboy look, you can choose black leather boots and combine them with a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. It’s a powerful and elegant match and can be worn on various occasions and you may be surprised how easy it is to incorporate cowboy fashion into your wardrobe.

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