Benefits of Using a Hand Wash Dispenser Holder

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Benefits of Using a Hand Wash Dispenser Holder

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It’s no secret that bacteria are one of the main causes of disease and the primary reason why we wash our hands frequently to prevent the spreading of germs. When it comes to choosing the best type of soap to wash your hands, I’m a big advocate for liquid soap. Not only the sink gets dirty and disgusting when using bar soap, but it’s also unhygienic. I personally feel very uncomfortable using a bar soap that others have used, don’t you? A hand wash dispenser holder not only keeps your bathroom much cleaner, but it also eliminates harmful bacteria. Luckily, the benefits of using it don’t stop here. 


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Research has shown that liquid soap dispenser holders are the healthiest alternative. They provide the biggest protection against germs. These units protect you from all kinds of germs, especially during the change of seasons, as they act as a blockage against hand-to-hand adulteration. Furthermore, soap dispensers also help in maintaining the cleanliness in your washroom as you won’t have to worry about your soap melting and you cleaning it off the sink. 


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The soap dispensers available on the market today are very sophisticated, which means they can help elevate the look of your bathroom. Although they seem simple, they exhibit a luxurious look to the basin. Plus, you can match soap dispensers according to your bathroom as it is available in different shapes and styles. Different materials are also available, such as glass, ceramic and metal. Some are covered with botanical designs while some of them are clear.  You can suspend it to the wall beside your basin sink or you can fir it into the shelf beside it.


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When compared to regular soaps, hand wash dispenser holder models are much more convenient. Bar soaps also meltdown quite easy as they are usually kept around water. Soap dispensers, on the other hand, only put out the required amount of soap and they can’t be wasted that easy. Another great thing about soap dispensers is that you aren’t bound to use the same brand of liquid soap. You can easily mix two liquid soaps if you want.  

How to Choose a Soap Dispenser?

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When it comes to home decor, even the smallest pieces have a role in the overall look and feel of a room. While the soap dispenser is not generally the first thing that comes to our mind when decorating a bathroom, in the end, we still need one. The first thing to consider when buying is to get a dispenser that meets your lifestyle and bathroom decor. The simple, the better. Complex features can only make things unnecessarily complicated. For example, a wall-mounted soap dispenser holder is a great choice as it is clean and simple in design and doesn’t take up any space on your sink. 
It is also important to choose a dispenser with the right capacity, especially if you have a big family. So, consider how many people are going to use the dispenser before you settle for a model. The right one should have the capacity to accommodate at least the amount of soap you are spending on a weekly basis.  
And just like any other bathroom accessory, the material the dispenser is made of can greatly affect its performance and durability. There is nothing wrong with buying a plastic soap dispenser as long as it is made from good quality plastic. But if you are looking for something more elegant and durable, consider stainless steel or a brass dispenser. Ceramic or frosted glass are both a good choice for classic bathroom designs. 

How to Unclog Soap Dispenser?

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There is nothing more frustrating than wrestling with a clogged soap dispenser – especially when your hands are dirty. Don’t let a simple clog pump get in the way of you continuing to use your dispenser in the future. Removing the soap buildup and restoring the flow of your clogged liquid soap dispenser is easier than you think. 

  • To disassemble the pump, unscrew the lid and remove it from the base. Detach any easily removable part, such as the straw that draws soap up from the container. Make sure you don’t force anything apart or disassemble the head of the pump;
  • Fill the bathroom sink with hot water and place the pump’s parts on it – let it soak for several minutes;
  • Use a scrub brush or a toothbrush to scrub the pump. Make sure you get the connection points and the opening of the pump head. This will ensure that all dry soap residue is removed;
  • Rinse the straw of the pump thoroughly with hot water.

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