Understanding the Benefits and Effectiveness of Disability Products

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Understanding the Benefits and Effectiveness of Disability Products

Whether it’s the result of a chronic illness, stroke, a sudden injury or simply an unstoppable effect of ageing, disability can influence important aspects of a person’s life. Routine actions like getting up from bed or washing, that might seem easy to others, can be challenging or even impossible for people with disability. However, all the basic, daily tasks can be independently performed and with greater ease if the home is modified to suit their needs and equipped with the right disability products. For this reason, manufacturers of disability aids come up with ways to make bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and other living areas more accessible. A home equipped with different aids can improve the person’s quality of life and make things easier for the caretaker. Here are the top 3 benefits that can help you understand the importance of this type of home products for the disabled.



The way modern homes are designed means that they pose numerous of threats to a person with a physical or mental disability. The bathroom, in particular, is one such area where accidents and injuries can easily happen. Therefore, great care must be taken when equipping it with disability products. Grab bars installed around the bathroom walls and in the shower can give a person something to hold on to for support. With the help of a shower chair or bath lift, the caretaker can tend to the person’s needs a lot more easier and without the risk of dropping them.

Moreover, it’s common for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s to have sleep disturbances and wander in the middle of the night, a symptom called sundowning. Because of the lack of light, they can easily trip or get hurt. Thankfully, special night-time aids such as glowing tape, glowing surround for light switch, and even glowing toilet seats can help them move safely around in the darkness. These are just some examples of disability products designed to prevent injuries and increase security, but there are thousands of other aids that can help preserve the well-being of disabled people.


Besides making the home safer, disability living aids can allow a person to function independently without the need of 24/7 assistance. Exiting and entering the house with a wheelchair can be simplified by adding ramps on entry points. Walking sticks, walkers and wall crabs can make it easier for people with sight problems or balance issues to move around the house independently There are even eating utensils with increased flexibility and adjustable design to enable people with coordination difficulties to enjoy a meal on their own. Even getting out of bed, which can be impossible for people disabled from the waist down, can be accomplished thanks to bed poles and bed rope ladders. Thanks to the many different aids, tasks, which years ago were unimaginable to disabled people, can now be easily accomplished.

Preserved Dignity

The fact that performing basic tasks depends on assistance from other people can be seriously disheartening for a disabled person. They might even feel like they’ve lost their dignity because private activities like bathing or getting dressed have to be done with the help of another person. But with the many disability aids on the market, a person can regain his privacy back. Over toilet aids, urinal bottles, folding bottom wipers and other products are designed to help a person with their for bathroom needs. And with aids such as button hooks, dressing sticks, stocking and sock applicators, specialized shoe laces, and more, even the complex task of getting dressed can be done individually and in complete privacy.

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