If you want happy kids, let them play! Though we see playtime mostly for the fun it provides, it’s necessary to help kids evolve into the great individuals we want them to be. The benefits of playing with toys don’t just have to do with the physical growth of your child, but mental as well, so the choice of toys has to be taken seriously.

If you want your children to explore their creative and scientific side to the fullest, learning new skills, expanding their vocabulary and building the core strength through adequate hand-eye coordination and the use of the limbs, consider the benefits of stem toys, followed by the benefits of sensory toys and educational toys before you purchase.

Options abound, especially now in the technology driven world, but the latest trends focus on interaction, providing your child with the utmost fun and learning, while at the same time giving you the peace of mind on safety so the popular picks are durable eco-friendly toys with low VOCs, inspired by the wave of sustainability.

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