Things You Need to Know About the Beneficial Plastic Stretch Wrap


Things You Need to Know About the Beneficial Plastic Stretch Wrap

Transportation of goods has made it possible to develop and expand commerce, and we depend on it for anything – from getting our food and drinks from stores and supermarkets to shopping for cosmetics, medications, clothes, and furnishings. Besides the commercial use, there’s also transportation for personal use like when we’re moving to new homes and workplaces.

It’s crucial for goods to be safe and remain in good condition when being moved from one place to another, and packaging plays a huge role in the process. There is a variety of packaging supplies that can be used to properly pack up items and protect them from damage, but the plastic stretch wrap is considered the optimal choice in most situations. So, let’s learn more about it. 

What Exactly Is a Stretch Wrap?

Well, as you might guess from the name, it’s a stretchable thin film made from polyethylene and is specially designed for packaging and transport purposes – both commercial and personal. The stretchable properties make this kind of wrap perfect for securing products, keeping them tightly and neatly packed in boxes or pallets during shipments.

Plastic Stretch Wrap

Considering plastic packaging is used by many industries and for varying applications, it’s available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, styles, as well as prices. So, in order for you to choose a suitable design, you’d have to keep your specific needs and budget in mind.

How Can Plastic Stretch Film Benefit Your Business? 

If you’ve just started with your business and are trying to make smarter expenditure moves, read up and see how beneficial plastic stretch wrap supplies can be.

It’s Made for Optimal Protection

There’s no doubt you want your products to arrive in top condition the same way you sent them. After all, your business depends on it, and you like to spread the word of your reliability thus building up your reputation and attracting new customers. The investment you make in plastic wraps can ensure all this because, in addition to keeping the items secured in the box or pallets, they protect them from the elements too.

Come sun or rain, you won’t have to fear exposure to the UV rays or moisture would affect the items and damage them in any way. Moreover, dust, dirt, debris and insects won’t be a problem either, so peace of mind is guaranteed. And let’s agree, any investment made in reducing your work-related stress is more than welcome!

It’s Affordable and Easy to Use

It’s normal to be concerned about how you spend money, but when it comes to this kind of purchase, there are far too many advantages than you can overlook. One of them is certainly the affordability. Unlike the case with packaging that requires the use of special equipment, as in the example with heat shrink films, the plastic stretch wrap is easy to apply on various types of items and surfaces in an instant. So, along with the low price, you have practicality ensured as well.


It Offers Visibility

When transporting items from one place to another, efficiency is a highly valued factor. The stretch wrap films can provide you with this much-needed efficiency because they’re transparent and allow you to easily recognise where each of the items is stored. This is also how the scanning process is simplified too. No more searching endlessly for barcodes as long as you buy the right kind of transparent wrap.

It’s Fit for Various Uses

There are so many ways this sort of packaging proves to be useful, and that’s what makes it so versatile. Small and large items alike are all great for plastic wraps, as are dry and liquid goods. From sofas, lamps, and carpets, to beverages, fresh produce, tech gadgets and devices, construction materials, as well as securing paperwork, there’s a suitable plastic wrap design for the job.

No matter whether you’re afraid of spilling medical items, or contaminating foods or drinks from other items you’re also transporting in the same vehicle, once you wrap them up nicely with the specialised plastic film, you can be sure they’d stay secured exactly how and where you put them.

How to Choose Stretch Wrap?

As mentioned, the plastic stretch wrap packaging is available in many options, both light (small diameter) and heavy-duty (wider diameter) rolls. The first is adequate for smaller items and packages, as well as low volume industrial establishments, as opposed to the latter which is used in high volume establishments, and large applications. The weight and height of the load play an important role in this decision.

Plastic Stretch Wr

The quality of the wraps is also a factor you ought to keep in mind, and you can narrow down your choices based on how heavy and big the items are. It wouldn’t hurt to consider the distance and transport too, since the further the destination, the stronger the wraps you require. For this, you’d have to check the breaking strength of the wrap choice, which comes down to resistance to wear and tear, thickness (i.e. gauge), stickiness (i.e. cling) and stretchiness of the design.

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