The Whole Universe in Your Hands: The Benefits of Owning a Telescope


The Whole Universe in Your Hands: The Benefits of Owning a Telescope

The universe has always been fascinating for humanity, so much so that people have tried to find out more about it for centuries, relying on different means. The reason this is so has to do with the fact we want to satisfy our curiosity related to small and huge matters alike, from mere particles to planets and galaxies light years away.


Also, we’re part of the universe ourselves, so by getting to know more of it we get to know more about ourselves, and what connects each of us here on Earth. Now that technology has advanced to such a great degree, you don’t have to be a professional astronomer or have a fortune to invest in adequate equipment to be able to become a sky gazer.

All you need is the will and the suitable beginners telescope to turn this into the best hobby you can have. Since there’s a wide range of options, differing in the size (specifically, the mirror or lens diameter), features and prices, it’s easy to find the right one.

What Matters in Buying a Telescope

Being a newcomer in the world of amateur astronomy, you might come across talks like “why do you need a telescope, when you’re a beginner”, or “you could always buy a sky map and binoculars instead” but don’t give them much notice if getting a telescope is what you’re up for.

telescope for beginners

Adjustable, lightweight and portable, a telescope can be your ideal companion when you want to make astronomy part of your day to day life. The much higher magnifications than those of binoculars and solar viewers make it a valuable investment, especially when you want to find out more of the universe, but don’t just focus on the magnification as the aperture has a say in quality view also.

Sure, there are always going to be better and pricier telescopes, but for beginners telescope all you need is quick and easy setup (no tools needed!), a mount easy to adjust and point, and user-friendly design and features that come in handy such as StarPointer finderscope, erect image optics, Solar Safe filter technology, smooth tracking with slow motion controls and enhanced image brightness and clarity among others.

To make the most of it and know you’ve made the right decision, it’s advisable to first be clear about what it is you’re going to focus on from astronomy. The Moon and its craters, the Sun with its sunspots, the surrounding planets, eclipses, meteors, satellites and the Milky Way are all exciting to a beginner, so before you get to see them with the telescope, find out as much as you can about them to make it easier for you to spot them.

The Benefits of Owning One

It’s needless to point out just how amazing of an educational tool a beginners telescope can be for adults and kids alike, and the more you use it the more it turns out to be. What’s great about it is you can make sky gazing the hobby for the whole family, and have fun together discovering the mysteries of the galaxies. Even those who aren’t fans of science or astronomy altogether would enjoy having a better look of all-things space.


Apart from being a great social tool, it’s the ideal means in getting you away from home and the threats of sedentary lifestyle. If before owning a telescope you couldn’t think of reasons to go out and about, having one shows you the opportunities you could have exploring the vastness of the universe outdoors, be it in your yard or the countryside nearby away from the city lights.

In other words, you can’t be a couch potato with a telescope as there are so many more things to be after than staring at the TV or computer screen! Likewise, depending on the telescope you opt for, you don’t necessarily have to wait for nights to be able to enjoy sky gazing when there’s the right solar filter. Besides, a telescope can be a tool for land observations also, providing you the chance to better check the surrounding mountains for instance.

Becoming more serious with this hobby, you’d be of great help with certain organisations keeping track of meteors and objects alike, knowing how many contributions to astronomy have been made by amateurs like yourself, so consider that as motivation to persist in this amazing hobby.

beginners telescope

You’re going to love this benefit also: if you aren’t that good with picking out presents or don’t have the time to bother coming up with a thoughtful one, rest assured getting a telescope for loved ones and friends would certainly put you among the list of people who know how to pick out a meaningful present!

Considering all this, I’m sure you’d agree it pays off to buy a telescope; you’d practically have the whole universe at hand!

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