The Three Most Beneficial Types of Wedding Tablecloths

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The Three Most Beneficial Types of Wedding Tablecloths

Planning the big day is one of the most amazing, thrilling and heart-warming things that could happen to a bride. From planning the reception location to planning the catering services and decoration, everything needs to be perfect. When it comes time to decorating the tables, besides choosing the right types of glasses, plates and centrepieces, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted is the tablecloth.

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According to many wedding planners, tablecloths are the focal point of the tablescape thus they have the power to turn a table into a breathtaking piece of art. There are lots of them available on the market in order to meet everyone’s needs, style and budget, however, here are the three main types you ought to consider.


Satin is a chick and shiny type of material, ideal for those of you who are fans of shiny things. Although glossy, satin tablecloths feature a soft matte texture which allows them to be used for many other events than just weddings. Available in a range of colours, shapes and textures, satin is the ideal type of wedding tablecloth material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. However, one should keep in mind that this luxurious type of fabric requires delicate washing and care.


While polyester is not the first choice for clothing, it makes for the ideal tablecloth wedding option. Polyester is a type of synthetic fabric that is extremely durable, resistant to stains and wrinkles and it’s also appealing and luxurious looking. With a great variety of colours and styles to choose from, polyester is the perfect tablecloth wedding solution, but also the perfect chair cover solution. That’s how versatile it can be. In addition, polyester can look extremely similar to silk and satin, aiding in the whole picture of creating glamorous and fancy looking wedding tables.

Tip: Although available in a range of colour, pure white and beige are considered ideal for holding some special events like banquets and weddings.


Although considered the most natural and soft type of fabric, cotton is not the ideal option for weddings and similar events because it can be easily stained. What’s more, cotton is also prone to wrinkling which is not a good option, especially not for weddings when everything needs to be perfect. On the other hand, cotton has incredible absorption properties and can make the whole wedding table look pure, natural but still glamorous.

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