The Most Overlooked Bathroom Details

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The Most Overlooked Bathroom Details

While selecting modern, quality and stylish fixtures like bathtubs and shower head extensions is among the first things we consider when remodelling our bathroom, there are some tiny little details that we usually take for granted. What you need to know about the following bathroom accessories is that they can make or break the look and functionality of your bathroom, hence they are as important as choosing any other bigger bathroom element.

Toilet Roll Holder


Functional and convenient, a wall-mounted toilet roll holder is an essential accessory that you should include in the bathroom. Ranging in style, design, material, size and shape, you can easily find a toilet paper holder that can certainly improve the look of your bathroom while doing its main purpose.

Providing a Hygienic Environment

Being securely attached to the wall, these holders will carefully keep the toilet roll paper clean and away from any contaminants like dust, moisture and germs. This makes the toilet roll holder a sanitary solution, especially if choosing one that has a lid that is designed to add another level of protection to the toilet paper.

Adding Style to Your Bathroom

Thanks to the large selection of materials and designs, toilet paper holders can add a dash of style to your bathroom. This is especially true if you choose one that complements the style of the surrounding bathroom fixtures, furniture and accessories.

Regarding the material, stainless steel is the most commonly used option for the production of roll holders, while the finish can differ depending on your wish. For instance, you can choose between chrome, brushed nickel, electro-solidified matte finish, etc. In case you are more into the classic and antique style, you can always choose a toilet paper holder made of solid brass or even wood for a more rustic touch.

Providing You with More Space

Given the fact that these holders are mainly attached to the wall, this makes them an ideal space-savvy solution, perfect for smaller bathrooms. Since space is a problem for these bathrooms, choosing a neater, simpler and minimalistic looking toilet paper holder would be a preferred choice. Otherwise, you risk having to replace the holder or investing in a new one.

When it comes to installing or reinstalling a paper holder of this kind, you should think about how high should a toilet roll holder be. Generally speaking, paper holders need to be installed about 66cm above the floor, and 10cm in front or next to the toilet seat.

Trash Can


Although it seems like not much of a big deal, having no trash can in the bathroom means that you will need to throw the paper in the toilet, which is can cause some serious problems. The first and most important reason is clogging, as not all toilet paper is made from the same paper and has the same thickness.

Buying a trash can will not only prevent problems from arising, but it’ll also bring elegance into your bathroom thanks to the huge choice. Stainless steel and plastic are the most common choices from which you can choose, out of which the stainless steel versions are considered more elegant.



Let’s be honest folks, there is something soothing and appealing when looking at something green. So, it’s not strange that people love the idea of having indoor plants in their home, even in places like the bathroom.

Over the last few years, indoor designers are using greenery as bathroom décor as it can revive the look of any dull space while improving your mood. Additionally, greenery can add a dash of style to your bathroom and take it to the next level, especially when it comes in an appealing planter. And when on the topic of planters, nothing can beat the functionality and appeal of the innovative and modern self watering planters. Coming in a range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours, you can choose one that can best meet your bathroom needs.

In addition for being great for keeping the appropriate plants for the bathroom, these planters are also ideal for growing literally any type of plant, herb, fruit and veggies. The main thing that makes them ideal for growing literally anything you want, is the integrated self-watering system that allows the plants to receive just the needed amount of water whenever they need it.

Instead of watering the plants the traditional way, while the water drains all the soil nutrients into the planter’s tray, all you have to do is to fill up the water reservoir (placed separately from the soil and roots) with the needed amount of water and let the plant roots receive the exact amount whenever they need it. That way, all soil nutrients and the ones you add through the help of a specific fertiliser will stay into the soil, making your plants thrive better.

Another benefit you can expect from these self watering planters is that you have the freedom to forget watering the plants for at least two weeks (chuckles). Being water-savvy, these planters are one of the best planter solutions presented on the market over the last years.

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