The Many Hair & Skin Benefits of Having a Bamboo Pillowcase


The Many Hair & Skin Benefits of Having a Bamboo Pillowcase

Are you experiencing dry or red skin and frizzy hair first thing in the morning? If all this happens besides having a steady skin and hair care routine, these problems might have a simple single solution: changing your pillowcase. What does your pillowcase have to do with your skin and hair wellness?

We spend one-third of our lives, or almost 230,000 hours, sleeping. That’s lots of hours spent nestling our heads on pillows. Our face skin, and hair are in constant contact with our pillowcases. Yet, many times we underestimate their impact. How can you benefit from replacing the traditional cotton pillowcase with a bamboo one? And how is the bamboo case superior to the silk one?

Skin Benefits from Sleeping on a Bamboo Pillowcase

bamboo sheet set ivory with bamboo pillow cases

Fewer Skin Irritations

Cotton is the traditional fabric used for bedding and pillowcases. It’s a natural and breathable material and the most cost-friendly option. However, it absorbs moisture and can be rough on the skin. The extra moisture that stays on the fabric surface can cause the growth of bacteria, which can be a major factor in getting bacterial and fungal acne and different kinds of rashes. On the other side, bamboo has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that prevent bacterial growth, thanks to the bamboo Kun, a ferment that can be found in bamboo fabric. This ferment is all about controlling the growth of bacteria. That’s why pillowcases for bamboo pillows are the best choice for people with skin sensitivities, like allergies, eczema (skin asthma), and acne.

Better Hydration

We know how vital is hydration for the skin. Only well-hydrated skin is healthy skin. Cotton absorbs the moisture from our skin, leaving it dry. This can cause additional skin problems, like acne and rashes. Bamboo pillow cases wick the moisture out and stay fresher for longer. This is especially important if you tend to sleep on your stomach, having your head constantly pressed on the pillow. By switching to a bamboo pillowcase, you can prevent sleep lines from turning into skin folds and wrinkles. It can also reduce puffiness.

Hair Benefits from Sleeping on a Bamboo Pillowcase

bamboo white pillowcases

Reduced Frizz

Cotton pillowcases cause too much friction on the hair. This roughs up the hair cuticle and leads to having a ‘bedhead’ in the morning. If you’re proactive in preventing your head from frizzing tangles and your hair’s still getting frizzy, try sleeping on pillow cases for bamboo pillows. These pillowcases are so smooth that they allow your head to glide over the surface without friction. It can make a world of difference and make your other efforts worth it, like avoiding hot and long showers and heat drying your hair. It can also extend a blowout, saving you the time and money you’ll need for an extra trip to the salon.

Keeping It Cool

Unlike cotton and silk, bamboo is thermo-regulating, helping you maintain an optimal body temperature. It can help keep you warm in cold weather and, more importantly: cool and dry when the weather is hot and humid. This is essential not only for getting good sleep but also for keeping your hair in order and maintaining your hairstyle for a longer period. 

What Makes Bamboo the Best Pillowcase Material?

white bamboo sheets

When compared to cotton, bamboo is better than cotton for apparent reasons. Is bamboo better than satin? As a natural material, bamboo also outweighs manmade fabrics, such as satin. While satin is silky-smooth and soft to touch, it’s not antibacterial nor hypoallergenic. But how does bamboo compare to silk? Is bamboo or silk better?

Both bamboo and silk are smooth fabrics, soft to touch. They retain moisture and leave your skin and hair nice and fresh. And both bamboo and silk are hypoallergenic and prevent dust mites, making them suitable for people with allergies and skin sensitivities. What are the main differences?

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. Silkworms are the larvae of a specific type of moth. They’re laid and then fed with mulberry leaves until they drastically grow in size and spin silk to create a cocoon. The cocoon is then boiled in a process that kills the silkworms. Afterwards, it’s carefully unwounded and turned into a silk thread, which is later used for making silk fabric. It takes more than 2,500 silkworms to produce only half a kilo of silk. This makes the whole process very expensive. Although silk feels luxurious, more and more people turn to more inexpensive alternatives like bamboo. As it involves killing silkworms, it also isn’t an option for vegans or environmentally conscious people that strive to lead a more sustainable way of life.

Bamboo is a naturally renewable tree-like grass. Once harvested, it regenerates very quickly. It grows so fast that it’s ready to be harvested in 3-5 years. Some species are known to grow 90 cm a day. Besides this, it’s incredibly water efficient and produces oxygen at a rate of 35% more than trees. As it’s hypoallergenic, it doesn’t need any pesticides for growing. This makes bamboo an environmental beast among textiles. People love their bamboo sleepwear, bedding and socks. Incorporating bamboo into your everyday life is an easy way to show you care for the planet if you’re trying to live a more sustainable life.

More Ways of Using Bamboo in Your Skin and Hair Care

ivory silk pillow cases

Now that you’ve learned about the many benefits of bamboo for your skin and hair, you’ll probably be interested in more ways to introduce it to your daily skin and hair regimen. Here are some simple ways to do it:

  • Use a bamboo hairbrush. Bamboo brushes are simple and inexpensive. There are regular brushes for everyday use and large ones for gentle brushing and detangling thick and long hair. By brushing with one, you can show you care for your hair and the planet.
  • Use a bamboo towel or a bathrobe for a comfortable yet luxurious after bath experience.
  • Use a bamboo hair towel turban. Just as cotton pillowcases can cause friction to your hair and leave it frizzy, so can cotton towels. Try a towel made from a smooth bamboo fabric blend for a frizz-free hair look. It also helps in drying your hair faster.
  • Use bamboo bed sheets and sleepwear in addition to your bamboo pillow case.

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