The Benefits of Using Airtrack Equipment for Home Practice

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The Benefits of Using Airtrack Equipment for Home Practice

As a parent, you want to provide your kids with everything they need to achieve their goals. With young gymnasts at home, you’re probably looking for pieces of equipment that are safe for your children to use at home. When they come back home from gym class, they might want to practise what they have learned and practising on the floor is no fun.

Well, have you considered buying a gymnastics Air Track? This unit provides your child with a soft and safe surface to train on at home giving them peace of mind they won’t get hurt.

What is Airtrack?


An Air track is a mat that’s thick enough to support the user’s body and withstand their impact. It is sturdy and durable, so when your child jumps or rolls it, it stands still and doesn’t move. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, and if your child needs more space to practice, just get two or more mats and attach them together to make a larger area to suit their needs. Although it is just a mat piece, an Airtrack offers a range of benefits.

Improved Performance

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One of the greatest benefits of the Air Track mat is that it enables you to perform a range of exercises without spending too much energy. Moreover, the time required to complete equal repetitions of these exercises is also reduced due to the fact that the user can perform the repetitions in a much shorter time. Training on a hard surface is not only harder but it can also result in damage and injuries and make you much more exhausted.


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Air Tracks are very easy to carry from one place to another. They are very light and can easily be fit in a car, which means you can take them with you whenever you want. They feature rapid inflation and deflation, are easy to set up, and kids can manage them conveniently as they are lightweight and easy to store. Air Tracks come in various sizes and colours and can be connected together to increase the training space.


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Kids find these mats very fun to exercise on. They are soft to the touch and don’t make your joints hurt, which is why kids enjoy training on them and keep on experimenting with various skills. This helps kids to be not only more motivated to keep going but also more flexible, balanced and stable while getting in shape.

If you’re not sure what is the best Air Track to buy, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.
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The size of the mat you’ll choose matters because you will want one that can fit in your space and is suitable for the type of exercises your child will usually perform on it. A 3-metre mat should be large enough for most purposes. However, if your child will be doing more complicated exercises, you can go with a bigger option.


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When it comes to how thick should an Ai Track be, this will depend on the intensity of the exercises your child will be performing. The rule of thumb here is, the thicker the mat is, the higher its absorption capabilities. So, if your child will be doing intense, repetitive exercises on it, then you may want to go for a thicker one.

Features and Accessories


The features and accessories that come with the Air Track are also important. For beginners, the best mats on the market are the ones with an electric free pump. The more affordable models come with a free hand pump. Electric free pumps make it a lot easier to inflate the mat before exercising. Look for an Air Track that is also portable and easy to fold and unfold. Ideally, the mat should also have integrated handles and a carrier bag that is strong and durable.



The warranty offered by the manufactures will give you an idea of the lifespan of the Airtrack. Better quality pieces will come with warranties of 2 years or more, while lower quality ones will have warranties of a year.

Where to Buy Air Tracks?

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There are a lot of places you can buy them, including local specialized stores and online stores. Buying your Air Track online gives you the chance to read reviews left by real users who have used the products and written their opinions about them. You can use the reviews to determine if a certain product is right for you or not.

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