The Benefits of Using a Baby Monitor

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The Benefits of Using a Baby Monitor

If your baby makes a sound during restless sleep, starts crying or doesn’t move at all, the microphone on audio monitoring devices for babies will pick up the signal, or lack thereof, and send it your way. These devices that many mothers swear by sending audio and/or video (if available) by using a radio, Wi-Fi or a mobile network (3/4/5G) signal. Some brands use walkie-talkies for audio while others offer video baby monitors for sale with an additional tablet that supports video and their own app too. All you have to do is connect your phone to the monitor.

What Is the Point of a Baby Monitor?

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When it comes to the Internet of things, baby monitoring devices are the essence of a product with intensely personal use. Intended to bring peace of mind to new parents, they are usually placed near infants and toddlers due to their purpose as safety devices. Modern-day internet-accessible baby monitors for sale also help connect distant family members with their grandchildren or enable parents to check in on their kids when they’re away. The prices, however, grew along with the updates so it’s natural to wonder is it worth getting a baby monitor. Besides finally being able to relax a bit and take a shower, make lunch or take a cup of tea on the patio, these devices could be additional baby gadgets that give you peace of mind.

When a baby who seemed perfectly fine passes away for no clear reason, a diagnosis of exclusion is made called sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, crib or cot death. Although there are some noticed risks like hidden health problems and brain defects, respiratory infection, second-hand smoke, stress and a poor sleeping position, in the majority of cases the cause is unknown. Moreover, young mothers (< 20 years), smokers or with low socioeconomic status are at higher risk of giving birth to infants who succumb to SIDS.

An international group of scientists developed a small skin-like sensor that is wireless, ultrathin and adheres without damaging the skin. This sensor can measure a complete set of vital signs along with advanced physiological parameters not commonly collected currently. Following, the data is transmitted via Bluetooth and read out remotely. The preliminary study shows that the superiority of these sensors could replace the current technology and could even be used for individuals of any age.

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On the other hand, when we talk about products available for the general public, the award-winning Smart Sock and Owlet Cam track the oxygen level and heart rate, the most important indicators of your baby’s health while also checking and alerting you if they cross “safe” zones. Even so, doctors also fear that the consumer devices don’t fulfil the same requirements and standards as medical care devices but they hope that with every step we take further down this digital path, a fully reliable device is on the horizon.

Scientists have expressed concerns about the accuracy and the false security these gadgets could bring and warn that parents shouldn’t prematurely relax around proven safe sleep habits. Yet again, some babies with health problems do in fact need monitoring and your doctor might recommend them if your baby is premature, had to be resuscitated, had earlier episodes of breathing pauses (apneas) or they have some other breathing disorder.

Besides monitoring your baby, it’s strongly recommended that you put its crib in your room but not in the same bed, lay it on its back on a firm surface with a tight sheet and no added bedding. Last but not least, keep your baby away from smoke and alcohol. If, however, you or your baby fall under the high-risk category and you’re decided to take every possible precaution measure, you should consult with your pediatrician. Perhaps they’ve had experience with some or have other families in their practice who use them.

Furthermore, they could educate you on how to respond to a change in the baby alarm and what signs or symptoms should you look for. Knowing when to seek medical attention or to relax and stop panicking is crucial. situations would they want you to seek medical attention for your baby. Whether you use monitors or not, it’s essential to stick with safe sleep practices and habits while you try to get your sleeping routine back on track.

Are Baby Monitors Safe?

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No matter how useful and safe they are, these devices can also be dangerous if you’re reckless. Letting your baby play with the cords is out of the question. Cases of suffocation have happened but only due to irresponsibly placing the device inside or too close to the crib. All you have to do is learn how to use a baby monitor properly and you’re in the clear. They should be at least a meter away from the crib and all cords should be tucked away safely from curious hands. You wouldn’t face this concern with a wireless monitor. Even so, it should never be placed in the crib.

Furthermore, all Internet of Things (IoT) devices I.e., objects that have sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies, are potential targets for hackers to watch you. At the end of the day, these commodity devices are built from general-purpose components like chipsets, firmware and software. Baby video monitors should be held to justly high-security standards, for example, secure encrypted Wi-Fi.

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