The 3 Benefits of Lightweight Double-Walled Tents

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The 3 Benefits of Lightweight Double-Walled Tents

Tents are the most basic pieces of equipment for camping and hiking. Packing a quality one for your trip is the best way to increase enjoyment, comfort, and safety when out in nature. But how do you determine which type will suit your needs best? When looking to buy a new tent for your next outdoor adventure, you will face a variety of options.


The two basic types that are most suitable for hiking and backpacking, however, are single-walled and double-walled tents. When hiking, you’ll want to carry as little weight on your back as possible but to still be equipped with a quality tent that will be able to protect you from the elements. The ideal choice for that? A double-walled tent.

Double-walled tents are making a comeback among outdoor enthusiasts as they are much lighter compared to their single-walled competitors. For example, a two-person double-walled tent weighs about 2kg, which is less than most other two-person tents on the market. Thanks to their great popularity today, all you need to do is type “lightweight tent Australia” online, and you will be able to pick from an extensive array of sizes and colours. These tents come with a range of benefits over single-walled ones.

  • Better air circulation – The double-walled construction divides the inner tent, specifically the sleeping cabin from the flysheet( waterproof shell). The main reason for this type of construction is dealing with the vapour in the inner part of the tent which is usually produced by damp clothing and breathing. Thanks to its design, this tent distributes the vapour effectively, leaving the entire sleeping area dry.
  • Easy construction – Lightweight tents are very easy to fix compared to other models. They are considered as nearly freestanding tents as they come with poles for fast pitching and a bathtub floor. With this tent, you do not need to worry a lot about staking and surface condition as the deep bathtub floor will provide you with protection against accidental flooding on the compacted sides of the tent.
  • Increased privacy – Besides protecting you against the elements and providing you with a comfortable place to sleep, the tent you choose should also provide you with a reasonable level of privacy. A double-walled tent is ideal when it comes to privacy as it has less open mesh showing.


Since moisture is captured by the rain fly, there is almost zero condensation inside the tent’s walls. This will make the inner area comfortable to stay in and will keep your camping and hiking gear dry and safe. Also, a double-walled tent is less drafty because it doesn’t have wind tunnels to combat the condensation inside it. This means that you can use it during the autumn or winter which is impossible with single-wall tents. With that being said, before embarking on your new adventure, it is a good idea to start looking for a lightweight tent Australia wide so you can ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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