Read the Bible and Give Your Life the Benefit of Wisdom from Above

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Read the Bible and Give Your Life the Benefit of Wisdom from Above

Isn’t it amazing how greatly the world has advanced? We have technological advancements and ready-made products all around us at our disposal, making our lives simple and somewhat easier, and yet despite this, people rather seem to have become so detached from one another that the true virtues started to fade (if not disappear) which is the recipe for disaster and the loss of true kindness, friendship and value of relationships. This kind of detachment leads to alienation and the belief that we suffice on our own and can survive on our own, but it’s not how human nature is created – we are part of the whole and we share life on this planet. The key to getting back on the right track is by making the Bible part of your day to day life.

What many falsely think is you have to be religious to read it, but in fact it’s same as with any other book you read: you can only benefit from it and it doesn’t matter if you’re not religious, an atheist or if your religion is other than Christianity. The thought alone that this book has survived all these centuries is the proof of its power, particularly so because it still holds the record as the most translated book with versions in over 2,800 languages, the preferred Bible King James Version. Published in 1611, it was the work of scholars and clergymen, chosen by King James, who based it on the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts.
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It’s interesting to note some of the idioms mentioned in it have become ingrained in our speech, such as “apple of one’s eye” for instance. It may not be an easy read for many, since it’s a rather archaic language, but it gives us the ability to get the gist of it and learn something more. What makes the Bible King James Version so special is that, unlike new versions with the thought-for-thought translation method that omits many crucial bits, it’s done in the word-for-word method following the original scriptures and yet scholars and clergymen still managed to make it a masterpiece, adopting the iambic pentameter popular at the time.

Though it’s a book about theology, teaching the word of God, it’s also a book about history. We can learn a great deal about people throughout ancient times, the vices and sins of some, the sacrifice and love of others whose lives were ended because of their love for God and the proof that truth prevailed. Once you begin to implement the Bible as part of your daily readings, you’d be amazed by the inner peace it’s going to bring you, enrich you with wisdom and teach you how to appreciate every given moment of joy, how to learn to be grateful for the things you have. This is what makes the book of the love and word of God the book of all times.

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