Outdoor Furniture Guide: Make Your Outdoor Space an Inviting Place to Dine or Lounge

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Outdoor Furniture Guide: Make Your Outdoor Space an Inviting Place to Dine or Lounge

If you live in a house that has even the smallest of backyards, then consider yourself very lucky. It is an ideal addition to a home where all family members can go and enjoy their day. It can be used by the kids and the family pet as a fun and exciting playground, or it can be entirely customised to your own personal needs and preferences. You can choose to make it into your private garden paradise, where all grass is green and all flowers bloom freely. 

Besides making it a gardening area, you can turn it into the perfect space for storing all the excess tools and items that just don’t fit into your home. However, undeniably, the best use of it would have to be if you were to transform it into the ultimate outdoor party area, where you can host numerous barbecues, dinner parties or casual get-togethers.

In order to make the most out of this party space, you will definitely be needing some crucial items. You cannot throw an unforgettable event without eye-catching backyard decor, a quality outdoor kitchen and cooking utensils, and finally, you cannot relax completely without a good dining set. 

Now, when purchasing the dining set, you primarily need to consider your budget and your overall backyard space. The location of your property also plays a huge role, as there is simply no point in investing in an outdoor area if you were to be facing harsh winds all the time. It can be tricky at first, but it’s important not to rush and take your time. We can also help you out in making your pick, so read on below!

What to Consider When Buying Garden Furniture? 

Choose the Material 

The most important question you might ask yourself before getting outdoor furniture would be – What is the most durable material for an outdoor dining table? Well, all materials have different features and benefits to offer, so let’s dive into the various types you can choose from.


The first and hands down the best pick would have to be the teak dining tables outdoor range, which ensures both sustainability and aesthetics. Teak has been around for a long time, yet it is quite common for it to be unavailable at markets. This is mainly because teak is highly requested, which also means that its’ price tag is also quite high. 

teak dining tables outdoor
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Nevertheless, it makes an excellent investment for a large number of reasons. It is known to be the most long-lasting variety of wood, especially for outdoor wooden decorations or furniture. It is so dense that it never cracks, it doesn’t warp and it doesn’t brittle like the other wood types. The reason for the density is that it is able to retain water completely. 

The key feature of this kind of material that makes it so special is the fact that it produces its’ own natural oils. These oils make it entirely resistant to all kinds of damage, including rot, decay or even insects and termites. 

Lastly, let’s not forget to mention the good looks of the wooden material. Its’ colours are very honey-like which slowly turn into silver shade over time. So, to conclude, it’s obvious that teak dining tables outdoor kind is the best to go for if you want to have a dining set that will last you up to 50 years time! 

Although, before buying, you must take into consideration the maintenance that teak requires. The cleaning part is easy as it won’t require much other than a simple brush with nice-smelling dish soap. It’s the preservation of colour and sturdiness that might be tricky. You will have to get a teak sealant that will protect your set for a whole year, and you might need to add additional nourishing oils so it won’t dry out fast.


Next up, we have the metal type of dining set. It’s usually one of the most common picks because of its’ sturdiness and durability. Now, there are different kinds of metal to choose from. Firstly, let’s talk about stainless steel. It’s entirely resistant to rust and corrosion, and it doesn’t get heated up during the hot summer days. It is also a heavy material, which can ensure that your chairs and table won’t get blown away by the strong winds. Keep in mind that this material requires maintenance too by regularly coating it with particular products, and it is also quite expensive. 
Aluminium also falls into the category of metals. It is also very sustainable and rust-free, however it is very lightweight, thus the cheaper price tag. Powder coating is also required here. 

Resin and Plastic 

Other popular picks worth mentioning would be the resin and plastic sets. They are all man-made varieties that have been proven to serve well in outdoor conditions. They are fade-resistant and very aesthetically pleasing, however, they can be at risk of getting blown away by harsh winds. People usually go for them because they don’t crack or peel, they are a cheap variety and they are very low-maintenance. Eco-friendly types are also an option here.

Choose a Shape 

So, now that you are aware of all their features and advantages, next up is considering the actual shape of the dining sets. You can go for expendable tables, which make an excellent choice if you have a big family or if you intend on inviting a large number of guests. Round shaped tables are more of an aesthetically pleasing choice. Rectangle-shaped tables are also a good option. 

teak dining tables outdoor
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As for the chairs, you can opt for all sorts of creatively shaped ones, or just go for the typical garden style – benches. Don’t forget to invest a little in the rest of the backyard items, like a nice barbecue grill, karaoke machine and nice outdoor lights. Cooling ceiling fans will also do you wonders during the unbearable hot weather. So, take your time and have fun decorating! 


To sum it up, it’s obvious that backyards make the absolute best area for all sorts of gatherings. BBQ events, holiday-based parties or casual catch-ups are all ideal for the outdoor space. So, when you are ready, get that quality teak outdoor dining table along with the stylish garden chairs, spread around the sparkly decorations and gather your closest ones for more unforgettable moments together.

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