3 Benefits of Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens – Bring the Fun Outdoors

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3 Benefits of Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens – Bring the Fun Outdoors

Having an outdoor area where you can sit, relax, breath in some fresh air, wine and dine and have fun is a dream come true for many people. Instead of staying inside when the weather is warm, being able to spend a bigger portion of the day outdoors can seriously improve one’s mood and increase the overall level of happiness. That is why more and more people are striving to take their indoor kitchen outdoors. That being said, even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, it sure is possible to create an outdoor area that’s practical and having a fully-functioning outdoor alfresco kitchens area can offer lots of benefits. Like for instance.

outdoor alfresco kitchens

Great Entertaining Area

Without any doubt, outdoor areas are the perfect place for entertaining during the warmer period of the year. And once you equip it with the basic outdoor alfresco kitchens elements, you’ll be able to truly experience the joy of cooking, eating and enjoying alfresco. Except for this, outdoor kitchens are great for throwing parties and for having dinner with friends and family. Outdoor alfresco kitchens that feature a grill are the perfect place where people can gather with friends and have lots of fun while preparing the food. Except for this, people can beautify and increase the comfort of the outdoor alfresco kitchens by adding stainless steel flame heaters, outdoor furniture, lots of outdoor mood lighting, blankets in case the weather gets colder during the night and also by playing some chill-out music. There’s nothing more heart-warming and fulfilling than having the opportunity to gather with your loved ones, and outdoor kitchens are the ideal place for doing exactly that.

outdoor alfresco kitchens

Improves the Taste of Food

You know what they say, food tastes better outside especially when there’s good company. People simply enjoy eating outdoors more than indoors as the fresh air helps them truly feel the taste of the food. What’s more, according to chefs, when cooking on a grill, grilling doesn’t only enhance the taste of the food, but also removes (melts) the fat off the meat. The end result will be fat free meat which is healthier to consume.

Increases the Home Value

In case one day you decide to sell your house, it is good to know that real estate specialists say that having an outdoor place equipped with the essential kitchen equipment increases value of the home. So when creating a kitchen like this, if possible, experts recommend investing in stainless steel appliances as they look appealing, are extremely durable and very easy to clean.

Now except for these three basic benefits, there are some other things you can count as an advantage as well. For example, when throwing bigger parties like celebrating a birthday or holiday, having an alfresco kitchen can significantly increase your living area. Except for having a large buffet table indoors, you can expand the area by placing one outdoors.

In addition, outdoor kitchens are great for cooking without ending up with a smelly kitchen. While eating seafood, barbeque, smoked and spicy food is great, getting rid of the bad odour when cooking inside can be a real nightmare.

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outdoor alfresco kitchens

Outdoor Grill

Whether you choose a portable or built-in outdoor grill, the first thing you need to decide on is its size. For instance, if you have a big family and many friends, cooking on a smaller grill would be devastating. So, when planning to cook for a large group of people, it’s best to opt for a larger outdoor grill and vice versa, when cooking for a few people, choosing a smaller grill would be just enough. This can give you the best of both worlds, saving money and space, especially when cooking for your family only.

outdoor alfresco kitchens


When it comes to choosing the countertop, except for making sure it is of the right dimension, it’s also important to choose a material that’s weather resistant as not all materials can withstand huge changes in temperature.


Sinks-wise, a paramount thing to know is that it needs to be placed near a running water and near the prep station. This is essential for ease of cleaning and for having quick access to water when cooking.


As mentioned above, stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to outdoor kitchen appliances, which means that stainless steel should be the material from which the front part of the refrigerator is made. Now, regarding the size, one should take into account the free space, both horizontally and vertically in order to choose right (small or a full-sized refrigerator).


Although not an appliance, choosing the right kind of flooring is an important piece of the whole outdoor kitchen puzzle. This is important as the floor needs to be durable enough in order to stay in good condition. According to exterior designers, natural stone, concrete, brick and tile are some of the best and most popular types of outdoor flooring solutions. The main benefits they have in common are durability, ease of maintenance and great aesthetics.

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