Membering Good Camping Thanks To Folding Solar Panels

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Membering Good Camping Thanks To Folding Solar Panels

Oh, I ‘member good times. I member we were camping, having a silent fire, music on, occasionally watching the game, eating my stake… ‘membering good times! However, I ‘member very expensive electricity! This makes me really sad. But, a friend helped me to ‘member something that I’ve forgotten.

folding solar panels

Member Solar Panel Energy?

Well, the days using electricity from the park are long gone, but there is a practical, functional and affordable solution – folding solar panels. These panels are like any other solar panels and work the same say. The only difference is that they can be folded, which means they are easily transportable especially for camping purposes. Bellow I’ll go into more detail regarding folding solar panels.

It can get confusing with all the different types of folding solar panels on the market, but there is a certain spec that only good quality folding solar panels have. Namely, the manufacturer should offer a padded, moulded carry bag that comes with heavy duty handle for transportation. Also, it should come together with hinges and clasps that offer maximum protection when carrying it around. Another thing that should come with the folding solar panel is a weatherproof solar controller. It should have at least a LED indicator that’ll show the status of the battery.

Camping Solar Panel

Most commonly used are the 120-watt solar panels that are sufficient for any activity during your camping activities. To have more safety and functionality, it should have an built-in regulator and at least 5 meters long power cables along with Anderson connectors. To have better movement, the addition of adjustable legs can offer the tilt function, achieving the optimum angle without a problem, where the modules should have corner protecting to prevent any accidental damage. The 12 volt 10 amp regulator should be pre-wired so you can connect it easily with the battery. You should select the right type of battery so that the folding solar panels are compatible. Also, it should come with gel and flooded options that will give the user a piece of mind regarding malfunctions.

There is nothing perfect in this world, and the same can be said about the folding solar panels. For that reason, look for at least 2-year warranty on the whole package that could ensure replacement should one be needed. I hope that you will ‘member this article and all the useful information that come along with it for finding the right folding solar panel.

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