Latex Mattress: The Benefits of Having One & Buying Tips

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Latex Mattress: The Benefits of Having One & Buying Tips

According to experts, getting quality sleep is essential to maintain and improve our overall health. However, choosing the right mattress plays a huge factor in our back health and the ability to sleep well and wake up refreshed and energetic to face the new day. 

There are five most common types of mattresses including foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, and adjustable air. Latex mattresses are a popular choice among people who have low back pain problems. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on the latex mattress and why people love it, the many factors you need to consider before buying one, and cite the many health benefits it provides.

However, many people may not be familiar with this kind of mattress so before we start talking about its many benefits let’s first give you a quick description of its main features.

What Is a Latex Mattress?

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A latex mattress is a mattress that is made from pure natural latex that comes from the sap of a rubber tree in Malaysia and other parts of southeast Asia. Latex was first discovered by Dunlopillo in the early 1990s who later created a range of mattresses and pillows that provide incredible support and pressure relief for people who suffer from back pain. Its natural resilience and rebound properties make it a luxury item that doesn’t include any kind of synthetic in its creation. Also, some manufacturers combine latex foam with either spring or reflex foam to create a supportive and durable sleep surface.

This mattress is specially designed to offer both support and relief and it can be beneficial for all types of sleepers: back, stomach, and side. Compared to other organic mattresses, a latex mattress is significantly more expensive. Still, many companies often run sales and discounts on their products so that you can get a latex mattress for sale at an affordable price.

Benefits of Using a Latex Mattress

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The structure of latex means it is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould. This feature makes it great for anyone who suffers from any kind of allergy. A hypoallergenic mattress offers multiple health benefits and helps maintain a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

Eco Friendly

As already mentioned, latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees. During the harvesting process, these trees aren’t damaged in any way and there is no use of harmful products, such as petroleum. The rubber tree that is used to collect latex converts over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen every year, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings available.


Latex is naturally a very durable and resilient material that allows it to bounce back from pressure quickly and sustain its natural shape and performance for many years.

Fire Resistant

Other types of mattress producers add many different chemicals during the manufacturing process to increase their resistance to fire, which can subsequently lead to many adverse health-related issues including developing cancer, immunotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity. Compared to them, latex is a naturally fire-resistant material that allows manufacturers to use far fewer or no toxic flame retardants at all.

It Dissipates Heat

Sleeping cool at night is very important for a good and restorative sleep throughout the night. Due to the light breathable cover and its moisture layer, heat is reduced to a minimum. This can be largely attributed to the fact that the latex has an open-cell structure that enables air to circulate easily and prevents heat retention.

Pressure Relief

Many of the positive customer reviews prove that these mattresses provide exceptional spinal support and relief. The separately wrapped coils and the patent-pending zoned latex foam create targeted support due to its innovative form.

Factors to Consider

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With the increased number of options available on the marketplace, it can really be difficult to choose the right mattress. Therefore, it’s worth considering some factors before deciding to purchase one. The most important ones are the size, budget, comfortability level, edge support, and temperature regulation it offers.


The most basic mattress sizes include twin, full, queen, king, and California King. Choosing the right size is mostly dependent on whether you are happy with the amount of sleeping space you have or you are thinking about upgrading it to a larger scale.


Mattresses offer different levels of comfort levels ranging from plush to pillow top as well as contoured and personalized. The firm side of the mattress provides better support for stomach and heavyweight sleepers while side sleepers and lightweight individuals benefit from the contouring of its plush side. 

For this reason, it’s always best to consider your preferred sleeping position and body shape so you can choose the right type of mattress that provides the most comfort and spinal support to suit your needs.

Edge Support

One of the most important features when considering a mattress for couples is good edge support and motion isolation. Latex mattresses have decent edge support. Naturally resilient, latex mattresses maintain their shape and performance for many years. Poor edge support reduces the sleeping space so it may be a problem for people who share a bed.


Based on their construction, latex mattresses are expected to have a longer lifespan than other mattresses on the market. Many latex mattresses use natural Dunlop latex that is more durable and denser than synthetic latex, making it less likely to deteriorate over time.

Temperature Regulation

Besides being very durable, latex mattresses are constructed with naturally breathable latex that stimulates airflow throughout the mattress maintaining good temperature regulation for sleepers to sleep cool and comfortable at night.


We all want to save money so when it comes to mattress purchases we want to get the most affordable deal. We should acknowledge the fact that latex is a more expensive high-quality material compared to other types of materials but the quality it offers is worth the price.

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