How to Style Men’s Loafers to Level Up Your Fashion Game?

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How to Style Men’s Loafers to Level Up Your Fashion Game?

Just when we thought that every single ‘90s trend had already come back, here comes another one we just can’t turn our backs on. Loafers are having their moment right now, and that’s for some good reasons. Whether you have a busy day at work, a weekend night out with your pals or a weekend getaway with your love, loafers are there for you. They’re classic, comfortable and timeless elements in a man’s wardrobe that can be worn in so many ways.

Some men might be confused as to what’s the best way to style loafers, but the answer couldn’t be more simple! Men’s loafers are so cool and can be effortless to style if you keep the following tips in mind.

Pair Them with Denim for a Laidback, Cool Look

loafers with jeans on

Whether you want to dress up or dress down your jeans, you can easily do that by pairing them with a stylish male loafer. Our biggest tip is to keep your denim properly fitted and shorter in length. Loafers never go well with baggy and excessively long jeans. You can go with ripped and washed denim and pair it with a classic brown or black loafer to achieve that casual-cool look. To complete the look, choose a T-shirt in a bright contrasting colour. The main aspect of mastering the loafers and denim look is to ensure that the top half goes well with the bottom half. You can take this outfit style from weekend events to the office relatively easy.

Combine Them With Shorts and Get Summer Ready

No shoe style is more synonymous with warm weather and summer than a male loafer. And how wouldn’t they – loafers are very easy to slip on and slip off; they have broad, flat heels and do not have laces or fastenings, which significantly increases their convenience. For a more polished look, go for invisible socks, tailored shorts that finish just above the knee and a fitted tee or a button-up shirt. This look paired with a timeless loafer will give your summer attire a sleek and streamlined appearance, whether you’re enjoying a casual stroll or after-work drinks with the guys.

Suit Up in Style

suit with loafers

Loafers are a wardrobe essential that has been a longtime favourite among celebrities and people who need to be suited up regularly. These goodies will always work well with a suit. To make the most out of this look, show some ankle to keep your silhouette clean and show off the shoe’s detail. To make sure your outfit is appropriately formal, go for classic patent leather in a failsafe black or brown. For an edgier approach, choose a more textured loafer. To add a bit of depth to your look, you can go with loafers featuring tassels or ones made from high-quality velvet.

What Are the Different Types of Loafers?

The history of loafers is very rich in traditions and anecdotes. Whether it’s colourful or monochrome, the loafer is a must-have model among low shoes for both men and women. Loafers come in two main types: loafers and penny loafers.

The loafer has a more casual and relaxed look. It’s usually worn without socks, and it’s recognisable by the seam on its top. It can be adorned with pompons or tassels or a metal snaffle bit.

Penny loafers are a more dressed up version, and they got their name from an American tradition: they have a decorative tab finish on the top where students used to slip a coin as a good luck charm.

different style of loafers

Loafers vs Moccasins: What’s the Difference?

Scandinavians are the ones to thank for the invention of loafers. They were actually inspired by and based on the moccasins that Native Americans word. Today, the difference between moccasins and loafers can be found in their details. Moccasins usually have lace across the top. They don’t have heels or a separate sole like loafers do. Plus, moccasins are also usually made from soft leather, while loafers are made of a bit tougher material.

Loafers vs. Boat Shoes: What’s the Difference?

mens loafers

Although loafers and boat shoes are very similar, loafers are not as sporty as boat shoes and are considered to be more formal. You can easily pair your boat shoes with shorts, but loafers and shorts don’t really go well. With loafers, you’re adding a pinch of smart to your look, so if you’re looking to create a casual look, go for boat shoes instead.

General Style Points for Wearing Men’s Loafers

  • For a more casual look, stick to suede loafers;
  • Opt for boat shoes if you plan on wearing shorts;
  • For everyday wear, match your loafers with one more smart-casual piece;
  • For a more formal look, choose leather loafers;
  • Don’t wear visible socks when wearing loafers;
  • If you really want to wear socks with loafers, choose patterned socks that match the colours of the clothes you’re wearing.

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