Benefits of At-Home Baby Heart Rate Monitors & How to Use It Properly

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Benefits of At-Home Baby Heart Rate Monitors & How to Use It Properly

Finding out you’re expecting a baby is certainly one of the most exciting feelings in life. But nothing compares to the first time you actually hear its little heartbeat and you know for certain – This is really happening, there is a tiny human growing inside me! For many, hearing their baby’s heartbeat is a magical experience that allows them to feel a more intimate bond. But future parents get to rarely hear this sweet sound as the time between doctor’s appointments is just so darn long. But imagine if you could hear your baby’s heartbeat any time you’d like during your pregnancy without having to make a trip to your doctor’s office.

Well, today’s future parents have the option to purchase a baby heart rate monitor that can allow them to monitor their child’s heartbeat from the comfort of their home. At-home baby heart rate monitors are small handheld devices which are quite easy to use and understand. They use ultrasound technology to send high-frequency sound waves into the mother’s abdomen. When the sound waves reach a movement, such as the baby’s heart beat, they send the single back to the device. Then, the signal is transformed into an amplified sound that you can easily hear. As such, here are some of the benefits you can expect from such a device.

Gives You a Peace of Mind

While pregnancy can be one of the most exciting, beautiful experiences, it is often one of the most nerve-wracking too. It’s normal for an expectant mum to have some anxieties about the health and development of her child. With that being said, many mothers find it reassuring to be able to check in on their baby’s heartbeat. A baby heart rate monitor can let you know that everything is okay even if you currently cannot feel your baby’s kicks. In fact, fetal heart monitors can detect the heartbeat even during the early stages of the pregnancy when the baby hasn’t started kicking yet.

Completely Safe to Use

Fetal dopplers are used by medical professionals every day. They are entirely safe and require no prescription. At-home fetal dopplers are similar to the ones found at the doctor’s office, only more compact. They emit sound waves which are 40 times lower than those produced by standard ultrasound machines. However, just to be safer and certain that you’re purchasing something that is 100% accurate, safe and durable, make sure that the fetal doppler is registered to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Allows the Other Partner to Get Involved

When you’re a mom-to-be, you’re in constant contact with your baby and your pregnancy is always on your mind. However, expectant dads do not get a chance to form a connection with their child until the baby is actually born and they get to hold him/her in their hands. To help your partner get more included in the pregnancy, it’s important to allow him to participate in important milestones such as feeling the first kicks and hearing the baby’s heartbeat. With that being said, a baby heart rate monitor can be helpful for busy dads who aren’t able to attend the doctor’s appointments or those who want to experience this moment more privately.

Helps Siblings Adjust to the Baby

And if you have any children already, a fetal doppler monitor can help them get introduced to their future brother or sister. Although expecting a new baby is an exciting and joyful event for the whole family, it can be challenging for any siblings-to-be. It is very common for children to have an unpleasant reaction to the arrival of a newborn, especially if you don’t prepare them properly. One of the ways to prepare them and avoid problems with sibling rivalry is to give them as many opportunities as possible to connect with the baby, like for instance by feeling it kick or hearing its heartbeat through a baby heart rate monitor.

How to Use a Baby Heart Rate Monitor Properly?

In general, it’s recommended to start using a fetal doppler device after the 12th week of pregnancy. Before that, the heartbeat is very faint, and the device may falsely register the mother’s heartbeat. However, this can be different from person to person. Typically, the device is reliable, however, the presence of some extra noises in the abdomen can cause false measurements, like for instance the stomach rumbling.

It’s important not to panic if the device can’t detect the baby’s heartbeat, as there can be many reasons for that. Sometimes the baby can move into a position that makes detection more difficult. In any case, it’s best to consult the doctor if you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or if you’ve noticed that the baby moves less. Although fetal heart rate monitors are similar to an ultrasound, they shouldn’t be used as replacements for regular ultrasound appointments and doctors visits.

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