Health Benefits of Cricket & the Necessary Gear

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Health Benefits of Cricket & the Necessary Gear

Picked cricket as a sport to get into, then congrats, you chose well. This popular game is played between two teams with 11 members each. This is a single combat where the individual batsman battle against an individual bowler, who has fielders who help him. Extremely popular in England, India and Australia, this is a national sport, loved by many and played by many.

It takes a lot of physical activity, focus and dedication to become a good cricket player. It’s one of the best sports to improve your physical appearance (gaining muscles), stay fit and healthy. And to play it, you would need to get a suitable cricket kit, a pair of comfortable sneakers and clothes that will keep you protected on the field. Let’s explore this sport’s benefits and all the accessories that are required for a safe and good game.

Cricket Benefits


It Strengthens the Muscles

The movements required in cricket manage to activate every muscle on your body. While you’re engaged in the game, you won’t even notice that you’re getting a good workout. So, if going to the gym doesn’t motivate you, cricket might help improve your fitness. If you’re looking for a fun sport that will help you tone up your muscles and gain some muscle mass, this one is the right for you.

It Improves Your Focus

Any sport requires focus, but cricket requires your complete determination and attention to catching and throwing the ball. It also will improve your hand-eye coordination, keep you present in the moment and speed up your reflexes.

It Helps With Your Social Skills

This is a social sport that includes many people. If you feel like improving your social skills, making new friends and enjoying time outside, cricket is a good way to do that. This sport lasts several hours and during that time you should cooperate with your team to win the match.

Assembling a Good Cricket Kit


Before heading out to the field, it’s important that you’re entirely equipped with suitable cricket equipment. Your head, abdomen, hands and legs should be protected.


When choosing your bat, be sure to go for the usual knocking in process and practice with slow deliveries with an old ball before you hit it strongly. You as a player have the responsibility to ensure that the bat is prepared for the game. Keep in mind that ‘ready to play’ doesn’t mean that the bat is going to help you win.

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Most cricket specialists recommend applying a clear ‘anti-scuff’ sheet to the blade to minimise the effects of minor knocks. Applying a protective cover over the middle of the bat won’t limit the performance but may help to keep your bat fit for a long time. It will offer protection against small cracks and will guard the blade for moisture that absorbs in the bat.

Most bats come with a natural, uncovered finish, but be wary that some bats are made of low-quality willow. Always check the type of the bat and the specification of it. If it’s made of quality willow, it will have about 6-12 grains. The models with six grains are softer (this will lengthen the knocking-in period and the time it takes for the bat to get maximum performance).


No matter what level of cricket playing you’re at, wearing a helmet is a must. Every standard cricket kit contains head protection. Your helmet should be comfortable and should stay stable on your head while running or doing other movements.

Most cricket gear specialists stock helmets that have gone through strict safety tests. Choose a helmet that can meet your comfort needs and your budget. Most models have adjustments to make them even more comfortable. When you adjust the helmet settings, the grille should be positioned to prevent the cricket ball from passing under the visor. And while protection is important, your helmet shouldn’t interfere with your visibility.

Knee Pads

Your legs are also exposed to a risk of injuries, which is why you’ll need to wear protective knee pads. Ensure that your knees are lined up in the middle of the knee rolls. Check if the top pads aren’t in the way of your hands when you’re in your batting position. Your knee pads should be the right size; they shouldn’t be in your way and be a burden when you strike the ball or when running. The wrong pad size may not be as protective.

Thigh Pads

These types of pads are lightweight protection that is worn on the outside of the thighs. They have two straps around the waist and one around the thigh, keeping the pads in place. This will prevent you from serious bruising if you get hit on your thigh muscles. When you’re safe, you feel more confident and that affects your performance.

Abdo Guard

Also known as a box, the Abdo guard will keep your groin safe. This is an essential piece in your cricket kit set and you should never go out to bat without wearing one.


Armguards might not be as popular (especially with top players since they believe it restricts their shots). However, arm guards are excellent to keep your arms safe from various injuries and if you’re new to this sport, it’s a smart idea to get a pair.


This is another essential that will help keep your fingers and palms safe. They should fit tightly on your hands; if they’re loose, they will lose their effective protection.

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