Benefits of Being Outdoors: Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer


Benefits of Being Outdoors: Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

Research has shown that today’s kids are spending an average of seven hours daily in front of electronics such as television, tablets, laptops and phones. These statistics are clear proof that modern kids are swapping active, outdoor play for a more sedentary lifestyle, which can have severe consequences on their health and overall well-being. 

While most parents agree that their kids aren’t moving enough during the day, some don’t understand why it’s so important. Encouraging children to spend more time in the outdoors and away from technology can improve their physical well-being as well as their emotional and intellectual health. Whether it’s flying a kite or hiking, the benefits of stepping away from the screen and into the sunshine are plenty.

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Outdoor play directly impacts a child’s weight, physical strength and ability to fight off illness. Furthermore, individuals who spend time playing outdoors when young, tend to continue to exercise more regularly as they get older. When compared with their peers, kids who spend more time outdoors tend to have improved motor skills, lower body mass index and improved muscle strength. Aside from the many physical benefits, outdoor play also provides a remarkable opportunity for social development in children. 

How to Encourage Your Child to Play Outside?

No matter the child’s age (2 or 10), it’s vital to encourage them to spend time enjoying the outdoors and away from the screen. Here are some fun activities to help keep your children entertained this summer. 

Kite Flying 

What could be more fun than kite flying with kids? Plus, kids generally love the challenge and the thrill of getting the kite up and into the air. Once they learn how to get it flying, their focus changes to mastering the challenge of keeping the kite in the air and even learning some tricks. In addition to being absolutely fun to engage in, flying a kite provides a number of health benefits, one of them being physical exercise. 

As you may know, flying a kite requires a lot of physical movement. For the kite to rise, your kid will have to run so that it can be picked up by the wind and this may take lots of time walking back and forth trying to control the kite’s flight. The activity also forces your child to look up. In doing so, they will get to stretch their neck muscles and simultaneously broaden their shoulder muscles. This, in turn, encourages their ligament and joints’ flexibility. In other words, kite-flying is an easy and fun way to get your children to exercise without the work that comes with planning an actual workout routine. 

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If you aren’t very good at building things, know that there are many types of kids kites to buyThe different kite designs mean they’ll do something different in the sky. For instance, diamond kids kites are the easiest to fly. Due to its diamond shape and light frame, even young children can easily fly it in light wind. Your child can just pull the string and the kite will take off by itself. The looptail will stabilize the kite in stronger winds. Most diamond kites for kids are made of ripstop nylon or Mylar sheets to give them more durability. They also tend to come with a string and spool, but if a kite doesn’t come with these or if the string or spool becomes damaged, you can always buy a replacement kit. 

Camp in the Backyard

An indoor tent happens to be one of the best toys to inspire children to use more of their imagination. Bring this toy outside and take tent play to another level. Read new stories, make some s’mores and play games under the stars. If your kids don’t have a play tent, no problem. Some blankets and some pillows can be all you need to transform your backyard into a weekend adventure. Your kids will really enjoy making a pretend campfire and roasting marshmallows or simply spending some time counting the stars. 


Grow a Garden

Save the seeds from your fruits and vegetables and start a vegetable garden this summer. In addition to being easy and fun, you also get to eat the vegetables – a win-win. Consider starting with tomato, cucumber, pumpkin and squash. Even if your kids are picky eaters, they won’t be able to resist trying veggies they’ve grown themselves.  

Hit the Trail for a Hike

Another great summer activity to do with kids is to hit the trail for a hike. Nowadays, there are outdoor recreation apps that help you find and navigate trails and parks, making getting outside easier and more accessible for kids. You can filter to find trails that are suitable for your needs, such as kid-friendly. When to be outside for the day, don’t forget to set up a family picnic. You can keep it simple with a brown bag lunch or more elaborate with a rattan picnic basket – whatever you feel like.

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