From Simply Chic to Full-On Fabulous: Naked Wedding Cake for a Stylish Celebration

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From Simply Chic to Full-On Fabulous: Naked Wedding Cake for a Stylish Celebration

By now, you sure know that flowers are a must-have for a wedding as they have the power to make the venue look romantic and special. But besides flowers being an important part of the decor, the cake (although technical food) can also affect the look and feel of the whole ceremony. Lots of cakes have been a popular choice for weddings, but recently, it’s the naked cakes that steal the show, literally.

Why Is It Called Naked Cake?

naked wedding cake with strawberries

A naked wedding cake is one that is completely or almost bare on the outside. Said in simple words, these cakes don’t contain any frosting, sprinkles, colourful patterns and who else know what. But what you should know is that naked wedding cakes are timeless – stylish yet simple. Designed as layer cakes but only without the typical outer coat, the inside of these cakes could be the same as for any other traditional type of cake. In fact, it’s the interior of the cake that makes it look stunning because it’s completely visible with the naked eye helping you imagine its taste.

These cakes became popular in 2013 when most bakers began to offer them. Over the years, the look of these cakes was improved and perfected, so they could find a place on wedding tables.

Benefits of Having Naked Wedding Cakes

naked wedding cake with pink flowers

The most important thing we can say about these cakes is they are the perfect update for the classic wedding cake. With a unique twist, these cakes also allow being adorned in different ways in order to meet the rest of the wedding décor. Truth be told, having such cake at your wedding is a true refreshment.

‍Extremely Easy to Decorate

Besides allowing you to match it to the rest of the wedding venue décor, what you should know is that these cakes are extremely easy to decorate and not time-consuming. Fresh fruit and edible sugar cane flowers are among the most commonly used décor pieces for such cakes, and we must admit that they go perfect with it. However, the use of fresh flowers on these cakes isn’t an exception because they give it a more rustic look.

‍Unique Look

The texture, colour and decorations are almost impossible to be replicated when ordering a cake like this for your wedding day. Depending on its inside and the ingredients themself, you can have peace of mind that your wedding cake will be unique and made especially for you and no one else. Even with no decorative accessories, these cakes can still look good on their own. That powerful look they have. Out of all wedding styles, they can go perfectly with rustic, vintage and industrial types of wedding. Although mainly used for summery wedding venues in the open, these cakes can look stunning wherever placed.


naked cake with berries on top

The last thing you should know is that these cakes are considered to be the most cost-effective version of all wedding cakes. Having no outer coat, colourful fondant base or fondant figurines, naked cakes have become the most affordable and sought-after wedding cake option that doesn’t compromise on look and style.

Can Naked Cakes Have Fillings?

Of course, they can. In fact, the filling has the main role in the look of your wedding cake. The filling is also ‘responsible’ for adding flavour and lots of moisture to the cake’s sponges (layers).

‍Other Occasions That Call for a Naked Cake

cutting a slice of a naked cake

If you think that naked cakes are designed only for weddings, you’re completely wrong. Truth be told, these cakes can be used for literally any type of occasion. Birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on. You can even order it just like that, as a dessert for your family when sugar cravings kick in. Depending on the occasion and your personal taste, you can order it completely naked or semi-naked with some decorations on it. Semi-naked cakes differ from naked by the outer coating usually made of buttercream that will help it stay in its impeccable shape even if displayed for hours.

The look of these cakes can depend on the occasion and your personal taste. Usually, qualified and experienced bakers can help you create literally anything you want on both – the inside and outside. So, given the fact that you’ll need a masterpiece for your wedding day, make sure to turn to a reputable and trusted bakery on which you can rely entirely. You can discuss the cake with the experts of such stores and decide on the look of your cake. They might also give you some other ideas that can only improve the look of your wedding cake and make it look even more appealing than you have imagined. Having everything calculated and arranged at least a month before the wedding can help you stay calm and more focused. There is nothing better than having all under control, so you could just dress and prepare when the big day comes.

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