Electric Skateboards: The Different Types and Benefits

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Electric Skateboards: The Different Types and Benefits

Excessive auto usage, unregulated water and air pollution, as well as bad recycling practices on the side of each and every one of us, all contribute to the planet’s degeneration. That’s why electric skateboards are are excellent way to replace your standard transport vehicle in some instances.

Electric skateboards are the newest trend when it comes to alternative transport. Many environmentally-conscious people ditched cars and hopped on an electric skateboard. It is convenient, quite fast, produces no pollution and is overall a great solution if you hate traffic. In fact, using an electric scooter has quite a few perks.

What Is an Electric Skateboard?

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The electric skateboard looks quite similar to the regular one. It consists out of a longboard which is the base and has wheels attached to it. The key difference is actually in the fact that you need to push the regular skateboard with your feet in order for it to be in motion, while the electric skateboard is powered by lithium batteries cleverly incorporated underneath the board.

These innovative skateboards are surprisingly durable, reach an acceptable speed and save you the trouble of pushing the skateboard on your own. Electric skateboards for sale offer great performance and can go up to 30km on one charge. That’s thanks to the powerful battery of  18 650 watts. When you add the sensored motor to the mix you get the ultimate eco-friendly transportation vehicle.

The newer models of electric skateboards for sale are made from carbon fibre, a thin but very strong material that makes for scooters that are lightweight but indestructible. And the whole design is very futuristic and sleek. On top, many of the scooters are equipped with carbon grip tape that helps with traction. And the wheels are suitable for every terrain and allow for a smooth ride. You even have the opportunity to customise the scooter by picking pneumatic tires in diverse colours.

A person that’s enthusiastic for skateboarding will appreciate the flexibility that this version offers. It’s really a game-changer. You can even take the scooter with you if you’re travelling since the batteries are swappable. Then again, if you want to go a step further, you can pick an e scooter that has multiple riding modes. That way you can adjust it according to your needs and maximize efficiency. And the best thing is, you do all that with the help of remote control. E scooter with a real high-tech vibe. The Bluetooth communication allows for ultra-smooth acceleration, instant power and ultimate braking performance. Meaning you have full control over the skateboard and can fully enjoy the ride.

Then again, if you want something that resembles more the classic skateboard you can pick an electric scooter for adults made from bamboo. Bamboo electric scooters have the same features as the carbon fibre ones, are made following the same high standards but have a more natural look. The bamboo base is made from multiple layers glued together and features great stability and flexibility. Plus, it looks super cool along with the other elements.

It’s recommended to also get a kit consisting of street wheels. That way you’ll be able to swap the all-terrain wheels for the street wheels when you feel like riding just for fun. Even if it seems like a small detail, the type of wheels you skateboard has can make quite a difference in how the ride feels. Street wheels have are fast, comfortable and functional. Their design and size provides ultimate grip while t

A Positive Impact on the Environment

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Electric skateboards are part of the group of vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Why is that important? Well, the more effort we put into making the environment green and healthy again the better for all of us. The excessive use of cars, the uncontrolled water and air pollution, as well as the poor recycling habits of each and every one of us, lead to deterioration of the planet earth. Those might be changes that we can’t clearly see but we can most certainly feel the negative effects.

It’s clear that a radical change can’t be made in a day or two. But there is a way for every one of us to contribute to a healthier environment. By starting small. By leaving the car keys on the table and taking the electric skateboard instead. E scooters emit zero carbon dioxide. With that, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Imagine how big the impact would be if every person on earth made at least small lifestyle changes in that direction.

Skateboards are sustainable and also a more convenient transportation option than cars. After all, you do avoid all the traffic and being late because of it. As I already mentioned, the electric skateboard is quite powerful and suitable for not so far away destinations. For instance, you can go to work with it, or to a nearby store or use it whenever you feel like going for a ride.

All the Health Benefits You Can Get

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And similar to the benefits of kick scooters for adults, there is also a lot of health benefits from this type of vehicle. Mainly, by riding a skateboard you strengthen your core muscles and bones because even though you don’t use your legs actively, you still need to keep balance or push the skateboard from time to time. If you skateboard on the regular, after some time you’ll start noticing changes in your physique. The changes may be small but nevertheless, skateboarding is still better than sitting passively in a car.

Skateboard rides also have a positive impact on the functioning of the nervous system. This comes from the fact that the nervous system plays a part in your ability to concentrate and maintain balance. Also, it is considered to be a great stress-relieving activity. You can take the scooter and vent out breathing in the fresh air and not thinking of the problems for a bit.

In the long term, dealing with crowded streets, traffic, being late etc can lead to unnecessary stress and the development of mental illnesses like anxiety and difficulties focusing. Skateboarding can help you deal with all that in a healthy way.

For many people, skateboarding is a source of pleasure. It’s fun, enjoyable and takes you back to your carefree childhood days. So, every time you feel nostalgic, you can relive those moments.  

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