Double Mattress Buying Guide: Reap the Benefits of Being Well Rested

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Double Mattress Buying Guide: Reap the Benefits of Being Well Rested

So, you grew tired of your cramped bed and made the investment to purchase a slightly bigger one for you and your partner. But with buying a bigger bed frame also comes buying a new double size mattress.

Buying a new mattress, no matter whether it’s double size, queen or king, should always be done carefully. This is a long-term investment and you should think twice before spending your money. Your bed should be a comfortable, cosy and relaxing place, so when purchasing a mattress be sure to check all the important features you need.

If you have any back pain or seek a bed that won’t spread vibrations when your partner gets up, be sure to tell that to your seller, or include these words in your online search. Your double size mattress should meet both your and your partner’s needs, so make a precise list of the features you need. Here are the things you should keep in mind when buying your double bed mattress.

Things to Consider When Buying a Double Mattress

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Materials (Memory Foam, Springs, Hybrids)

First things first – the material. Even though the mattresses all look the same, they aren’t. Memory foam will give you the support and suitable softness, allowing your body’s heaviest points such as hips and shoulders to sink into it. It will take the shape of your body, ‘filling’ all the gaps and giving you the support you need for a bigger relaxation. However, this material may get a bit hot in the summer, unless it’s not ‘powered up’ with a breathable top layer and cover.

Springs are going to give you the bounce and breathability, but if the top layer is thin, you won’t get much of the comfort you need. Hybrids tend to be perhaps the most popular choice; springs and foam layers give the support, breathability and bounce that will help you get out of bed easily.

Some people (especially if they are on the heavier side) would do better with a spring bed, while people who want a bed without movements spread when their partner gets up will get the best from a foam bed.

Comfort & Firmness


The comfort and firmness go together. There are three basic firmnesses – soft, medium and hard. Of course, some mattresses offer something in between and you must always check the rating of firmness.

It’s very important to know what you and your partner need from your double size mattress. If you suffer from neck or back pain, then a firmer bed could help you with this. It will not let your hips sink in and your body will get full support from head to toes. However, not everyone loves firm beds. If your weight isn’t sufficient, you won’t ‘drop’ into the bed, which will result in the feeling as if you’re sleeping on the floor.

The general rule is: if the bed is too soft, you will drop into its core; if it’s too firm, the pressure in your joints will intensify. So, be sure to lie down on the mattress and see how it feels. Of course, testing the mattress like this in a few minutes isn’t enough. If the seller is offering testing at home (one to three months) only then you can easily tell if the firmness is working well for you or not. Just because the mattress is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it will provide you with what you need.

Bouncing and Noise

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Sharing a bed with another person is great, but what if one of the partners is a light sleeper and any movement that causes noise is waking them up. To avoid the noise, make sure that your bed has rich layers of memory foam or latex, but also a strong base with coils or springs.

Bouncing might not be your priority if you’re young, but for older people, it’s a very helpful feature, since it will make getting up out of bed easier. Memory foam or hybrid beds are usually good for ‘silencing’ the noise of movements.

Don’t Rush to Buy

Now that you checked a few options, don’t rush to buy. Sure, the offer may seem excellent, and the mattress might be suitable for your bed and is appealing to the eye, but don’t be so fast. Check online reviews about the mattress you want to buy. People aren’t going to hesitate to speak their mind out on the Internet. Read as much as you can about the manufacturer, and the layers included in the mattress.

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Don’t forget that you’re buying a mattress that should serve you for at least ten years. It means that it should match all your criteria – comfort, support, anti-allergy properties, breathability, feeling cool on hot nights, suitable size for your bed, supportive edges, and of course the price.

Also, height is essential; if your bed frame is tall, adding a tall mattress may make getting in and out of bed a challenge. This can be especially stressful for older people who have certain challenges such as arthritis.

Finally, don’t forget to check the warranty time. Most decent manufacturers will offer long warranties such as 5-10 years.

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