Dog Beds Have Many Benefits and Here’s How to Choose One


Dog Beds Have Many Benefits and Here’s How to Choose One

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have a bed? You probably won’t like the answer. Similarly, your dog will most likely not appreciate lacking a bed either. And you, being the wonderful pet owner that you are, would always want what’s best for your furry little friend, right? After all, you’ve probably scoured the internet many times over for all the necessary dog supplies for long and comfortable life. While all that is fine and expected, you shouldn’t the most important supply – a dog bed.

In today’s modern world, there’s a plethora of comfortable pet beds for you to choose from and each one has something special to offer. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the numbers though, once you understand the differences between all types of dog beds, you can easily reach a decision. To help you out, we’ll be laying out the basics on all bed types, along with a few key tips and tricks on getting the right one.

Do Dogs Need Dog Beds?

Shockingly, they do. This is because sleeping on uncomfortable and hard surfaces can be very detrimental to your pup’s health, with an increased risk of joint pain and arthritis developing in the future. You wouldn’t want to put your pet’s health at risk, would you?

Moreover, your pooch should have a dedicated sleeping area to catch some well-deserved z’s and spend some time alone. Sometimes we all need a break from the rest of the world, don’t you think? Additionally, owning a pet bed can help you out as well since you won’t be dealing with dog hairs all over your furniture. If your puppy needs a place to sleep, it will no longer hop into bed with you, scratch and tear your new furniture or scatter dirt on your carpets as it tries to settle in. Keep things clean and dirt free by getting your canine companion a comfy dog bed.

dog sleeping on dog bed

What Are the Different Types of Dog Beds?

While there are loads of bed types out there, if you’re able to get the hang of the fundamental ways in which they differ and match them to your dog’s needs, you’ll be just fine. So next time you’re on the lookout for a cosy dog bed online, you’ll be able to which type is most appropriate for your pooch.

Standard Bed

This is the most commonly used canine mattress which is designed to look like a speciality cushion or pillow. Because of this, a standard bed lacks extra features such as rims, edges and orthopaedic foams. But if we’re being honest, your dog probably won’t notice anyway.

The great thing about standard beds is the sheer variety of shapes, sizes and colours they come in. A round shape is a popular choice, though you’ll likely come across square, rectangular and oval shapes as well.

Most of the time, these beds are made of fleece, flannel and even faux fur materials so that they’re extra comfortable and snuggly. In some instances, however, microfiber is also used because of its moisture-wicking properties.

Dog laying on a dog bed

Doughnut Bed

Doughnut beds have a circular form with raised edges that closely resembles, well, a doughnut. As a result, your dog ends up curled up in a snug bed and protected from all sides. This is especially convenient for pups that like to curl up in a cosy position in bed and spend hours on end dozing off into dreamland. In addition, the raised edges provide the necessary security and comfort and facilitate the best sleep possible.

Dog sleeping on Doughnut Bed
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Elevated Bed

Also known as a raised bed, this type is quite practical since the sleeping surface is elevated a few centimetres off the floor. This provides a reasonable distance between your pup’s body and the cold, hard floor. The elevation itself is supported by a metal frame along with reinforced mesh panels for maximum ventilation and airflow

Dog laying on Elevated dog Bed

Orthopaedic Bed

There are many reasons why you might need an orthopaedic bed. The most obvious one is to relieve chronic joint pain and offer extra support for dogs that are already in their twilight years. However, if your dog is a naturally skinny or thin breed, they might need a bit of extra padding to ease discomfort.

Orthopaedic beds with specialised foam padding are the ideal choice because they’re specifically designed to conform to your dog’s body and offer joint support. The orthopaedic build also helps relieve tension on all pressure points and improve blood flow. All of this contributes to a much healthier sleep schedule.

Dog sleeping on Orthopaedic dog Bed

Travel Bed

More often than not, you’re going to take your travel buddy with you when going on a trip. And this is the part where lightweight travel beds come in handy. Your pooch will have a comfortable surface to sleep on while you’re travelling as you get the chance to spend some quality time together. Does it get any better than that?

Dog laying on Travel dog Bed

What Should You Look For in a Dog Bed?

Before we let you go on your shopping journey for a dog bed online, let’s have a look at some key considerations you should know.

Bed Size

It’s important to get a bed that matches the size of your dog. There’s no point in getting a large, spacious bed for an otherwise tiny pup and vice versa. One way to know for sure is to check and see if your dog’s limbs fall off the sides. If they do, then you need to get a bigger bed.


Of course, you want what’s best for your pet, at a reasonable price. Think about how much you’re actually willing to spend on a dog bed and shop in that price range.

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