Delicious Brownie Gifts: A Great Way to Surprise Someone

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Delicious Brownie Gifts: A Great Way to Surprise Someone

Did you know that the brownie was originally made in the USA? Even though it’s a world-famous dessert and loved by many people, it all started in the early 20th century. In 1905, when Fanny Farmer adapted her chocolate cookie recipe to a bar cookie baked in a rectangular pan, she had no idea that she made history. And the origin of the name is pretty obvious – it’s a brown cookie.

Today, everyone loves the rich chocolaty taste of this dessert, which is why treating your loved ones to some delicious brownies is always a great idea for a gift. The ingredients for brownies are quite simple – butter, sugar, milk, flour, egg, chocolate. Sure, anyone can do it, this is a simple recipe. But, not everyone has the time to bake. Others simply prefer not to take up the challenge and would gladly get it in a bakery. If you are one of those people who wouldn’t want to mess around and want to get a proper delicious brownie, then you might want to consider surprising loved ones with ready-made brownie gifts.

Save Time In the Kitchen


Imagine if you have to start preparing the brownies from the scratch. Maybe the recipe doesn’t sound like a complicated one that requires you to be the best baker in the world, but let’s face it – who would do that if they can find a service that makes the best and most delicious brownies? Unless you are truly a good and skilled chef or baker who loves making stuff, then saving time in the kitchen is probably a good idea. It’s not just the baking part, but shopping for all the ingredients, having the right brownie moulds, you get the picture.

Put a Spin on the Traditional Birthday Cake


So, it’s your best friend, boyfriend, parent or sibling’s birthday and you can’t travel to their place but still want to surprise them. You have got them a nice present but you feel that something soft, delicious and tasty would put a bigger smile on their face. If you’ve learned that they’re not planning to make a cake or haven’t found the time to do so, you can instead send them some perfectly baked brownies that resemble a birthday cake sprinkled with colourful candies, caramel, strawberries, or honey. Just order the box and ask the service to send it to whatever address you need. This surely reduces the risk to open the gift and eat the entire dessert all by yourself.

Say I Love You


So, now that we’re approaching that time of the year again, you’re probably scrambling for the perfect idea on how to say “I love you”. Sure, flowers might work, but edible chocolate gifts have more benefits. For one, they won’t wither and be thrown away eventually. If you don’t feel like giving a classic heart-shaped box of chocolates you’re used to giving each year, you may want to surprise your loved one with something like a box of decadent, fresh brownies.

Brownie gifts are always a good idea for romantic holidays like Valentine’s day or anniversaries because they are a good association with the warmth and love of the family kitchen and no one is immune to that. You can even order a brownie delivery even if you can visit your loved one so the sweet surprise can arrive before you and get them all excited for your date. Send it to their work or home address and make their day better, sweeter and lovelier.

Say Thank You


You worked on a long and complex project and you want to say thank you to your collaborators, employees, classmates or co-workers. What better way to acknowledge someone’s help than with a sweet dessert that we all love? Instead of sending cold e-mails or cards, go for something warmer and more personal.

The whole year behind us has been rough and maybe your team worked extra hard to make things work even in the worst and most challenging times. Everyone has had a tough time, so, it’s a good idea to show your appreciation by sending an unexpected gift. And it shouldn’t be too extravagant or expensive, it should be from the heart. Order brownies online and have them delivered to people’s home address as a way to express your gratitude. This doesn’t have to be done for the people you work with. It could a special sweet gift for a close friend who has supported you in some way or helped you with a small gesture. It could also be for a family member who was always there for you.

A Gift from You to You


Everyone deserves to feel special and good about themselves during these trying times. While trying to make the days better for the people you love and appreciate, don’t forget about yourself either. Spoil yourself rotten by ordering this all-time favourite dessert, buying rose wine and putting on your favourite feel-good movie. Treating yourself with a box of gourmet brownies will warm your heart and give you the comfort you’re looking for.

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