Cowboy Style Coming Back to the Forefront: The Essentials of the Modern Western Look


Cowboy Style Coming Back to the Forefront: The Essentials of the Modern Western Look

Western-style is making a major comeback in the fashion industry this year. The trend is officially back this season, from worldwide designers to your local boutique. Although the original cowgirl is known to live in the countryside while tending to cattle and herds, she is also a huge inspiration for stylists worldwide. Countryside women are known for their distinctive fashion style, which includes boots, hats, fringes and more. If you live in the city, you may get a similar effect by wearing these cowgirl basics and creating your modernized western countryside outfit.

The Denim Skirt

These skirts are suitable for casual wear, and the charming accessories that go with them give a lovely cowgirl style. Every cowgirl attire is usually accompanied by a hat; if not, leave it to your skirt and shirt to help you channel your inner western fashion star. Chambray midi skirt, white bell-sleeved shirt, and killer brown boots make up a stylish combination. Add a shoulder bag, chick western-themed earrings and the remarkable western corset belt to complete the look.

Black Charlotte Jeans

Black Charlotte Jeans with black boots

These are the jeans for any modern woman of any age who likes to feel sophisticated and comfortable altogether. Combine them with a simple black top and impressive black womens boots to achieve the full cowboy look that will have everyone turn their heads. For an even bolder look, you can wear a red shirt, red lipstick, and a leather cowboy hat.

Blouse With a Front Knot

This cotton blouse (ideally white) with a front knot will elevate your cowboy style. You may wear it with any of your favourite jeans or a denim skirt, as well as red boots. Add turquoise-silver earrings and you’re ready for a night out in the country club.

Sleeveless Leather Jacket


For a sheriff inspired cowgirl style, pair a brown leather sleeveless jacket with a brown leather fringed skirt, similar toned boots, a hat, and your favourite band shirt. Put on a black leather belt as an accessory, and you’re ready to go to any country-themed party.

Casual Country Dress

Want to pull off the country girl look in a casual atmosphere without being overdressed? Wear your tribal pattern dress with black womens boots and a leather handbag to complete the look. The fringes complement the overall motif but, if you don’t like them, you may easily skip them. Overall, this dynamic combo is subtle yet lovely, and you could wear it for a date night or a picnic with your friends.

Fashionista Outfit

Black and white outfit

The black and white cowgirl outfit is stunning when paired with daring accessories, such as black thigh high stockings and heeled booties for women. For the appropriate styling, wear a black cap, a lot of chains, and a statement ring, along with smokey eye makeup and curled or blow-dried hair.

Tunic with Embroidered Details

An ethnic-style embroidered tunic is ideal for a traditional cowgirl aesthetic. For any summer day, pair your lovely chocolate cowgirl boots with a nice black wide-brimmed hat. Wavy hair and light make-up work perfectly with this outfit.

Wide Boot Cut Pants

Denim boot with cut pants

If you’ve been paying attention to recent fashion trends, you’ve noticed how popular denim boot cut pants have become. When matched with the appropriate apparel and accessories, they can help you immerse yourself in the character of a classic cowgirl. Choose an asymmetric top, along with a cowboy hat and a long chain, and you’ve got the way to achieve the look of a Texan gal. The key is to notice how adding a stylish purse offers the perfect finishing touch.

Leather Jacket With Maroon Plaid Frock

Plaid patterns are countryside favourites and are easy to style. You can wear a top in this print, or you may go for a long dress instead. If you’re looking for a plaid dress, experts recommend pairing it with a leather jacket or a fringed cardigan for a bohemian look. Another wonderful style is to wear tunics with belts tied around them to complement your figure. The ranges of black boots for women are stunning when paired with a black leather jacket, a hat, and silver earrings.

Belts and Red Bandanas

Red bandan

Another iconic cowgirl outfit is a red bandana/scarf worn around your neck. Add your favourite bottoms and a lovely belt to complete your chic cowgirl look. A red bandana is a classic for any countryside woman whether you wear it around your neck, on your head, or tied on your waist.

Hair Styling

Combine practicality and style by braiding the scarf into your hair. Not only will the scarf keep any braid tight if you can’t find your hair tie, but you can also experiment with an infinite number of looks to create a lovely range of cowgirl up-dos.

Country-Themed Wedding

For country-themed weddings, a flowy western-style wedding gown is a perfect idea. If you’re a country lady or even a city girl looking for a cowgirl outfit, all you need is a funky-looking jacket on top of your wedding gown. Cowboys and cowgirls are well-known for their signature style, which includes jackets and boots with exquisite embroideries. You might also go for high cowboy boots for the complete western look.


Cowgirl style

The key to dressing like a cowgirl without looking like you’re wearing a costume is to stick to two or three of the countryside western classics ,which are as follows:

  • Plaid shirts,
  • Bell bottom jeans,
  • Modern cowboy boots,
  • Hats, belts, and denim shorts/skirts,
  • Scarves, and
  • Denim jackets.

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