Commercial Kitchen: The Benefits of an Industrial Dishwasher

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Commercial Kitchen: The Benefits of an Industrial Dishwasher

Food is an integral part in everyone’s life, so it shouldn’t be a surprise it’s one of our daily thoughts. Given that modern life has come to be fast-paced, especially in the big cities, not many have the time needed to spend on planning a daily menu and preparing it which is why the food industry is flourishing and makes a considerable part of Australian economy, with an annual worth of over $110 billion.

Industrial Dishwasher

The fact we Aussies spend at least 17% of our income on average on eating out and ordering takeaway says a lot about the industry, how important it is, so if you want to join up and open up your food business, there’s good news and bad news: the good is you’d get into one of the pillars of economy in the country, the bad is there’s plenty of competition.

Sure, it can be risky but that doesn’t have to mean you ought to give up on the dream altogether, instead it means you should give in more effort to make it work, adopt the right strategy, stick to it because discipline is everything especially in the beginning, and by all means evaluate the risks. This is followed by knowing where to invest your money, as is the example with industrial dishwasher.

Perhaps you might find other pieces of equipment more necessary, like the furnishing, lighting, appliances, depending on what your business is, whether it’s a restaurant, catering, bar or café for example, however getting to know all the benefits a dishwasher brings about you’d certainly make of it one of your primary investments.

Industrial Dishwasher

So, what are the benefits?

Well, let’s start from the fact there’s versatility in design, features and sizes so you choose from what it is you most require, and this in turn results in versatility in prices too so you won’t have to worry they’re all expensive. Besides, this is the kind of investment that’s money well spent because it’s meant to help you out in your business as a whole, more so when you buy quality and don’t have to carry out much maintenance.

It’s more than obvious having an industrial dishwasher is going to save you precious time. Washing dishes may have taught famous chef Anthony Bourdain important life lessons but when you’re running a restaurant and you’re pressed for time, particularly during rush hour when many come over for lunch or dinner, you’d highly appreciate the efficiency of a dishwasher.

No matter whether it’s kitchenware, dishes or glassware, you can be sure your dishwashers would do all the work in no time, which means squeaky clean supply available constantly, so neither you nor customers end up waiting. Imagine how something like this could put your reputation in jeopardy once word spreads customers wait a long time for drinks and meals.

Industrial Dishwashers

When employees don’t have to take care of dishwashing, they have more time to focus on other tasks in the kitchen and this brings the outcome of quality work which isn’t to say as when they have to rush to do the washing of dishes and glassware manually because all that a dishwasher needs is to put the dishes in, push a button and then once it’s over, take them out. In translation, no more unnecessary stress!

And let’s face it, not everyone is fond of being a dishwasher, even less doing so for years, like Ali Sonko was in the Noma restaurant of renowned Macedonian-Danish owner and chef Rene Redzepi.

Thinking from the point of view of food safety, considering the dishwashers leave your dishes and glasses thoroughly clean you won’t have to fret whether they’re sanitized based on food safety regulations, whether you’d put someone’s life in danger or end up paying some fine for poor hygiene so it’s no exaggeration to say they help you cut down on additional expenses too.

When you work with food, it’s all about the customer’s satisfaction and the demand, these two are your primary aspects when thinking of investing in a dishwasher; properly and timely washed dishes and glasses are key to building your success. Dirty cutlery, stained glassware can certainly put off some customers, if not all, so not everything is about the food and drinks and this itself is reason enough to count on the help of an industrial dishwasher.

Then again, there’s also the fact employees aren’t at risk of being injured by broken glassware when washing or sharp utensils and this is always a benefit since you’d have compensation claim less to worry about.

Industrial Dishwasher

The Handy Features

Purchasing a dishwasher could turn out to be as exciting as purchasing a smartphone or a tablet when it’s packed with various useful features that certainly make your business thrive.

Having in mind a dishwasher has to do with water and electricity, you’d surely find the outstanding washing performance in shortest washing cycle along with lowest water consumption ideal; you’d cut down on water and electricity expenses while still reap the benefits of a dishwasher.

Additional extras that make the purchase great are the self-diagnosing system, three stage filtering system, high temperature rinse system, high washing capacity and user friendly interface as well. You must agree this sounds like a sound investment!

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