Cert 3 In Aged Care: Why Honoring the Elderly is a Most Noble Pursuit

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Cert 3 In Aged Care: Why Honoring the Elderly is a Most Noble Pursuit

Cert 3 In Aged Care
Unless they are kung fu masters, ninjas, wizards, or have any sort of super powers, most elderly people have trouble taking care of themselves and require some help.

You have probably heard stories about the strange way Eskimos deal with their old people. Living in conditions where everyone has to work really hard in order to survive, when Eskimos reach the age where they can no longer contribute to the well being of the community and are only spending precious resources while waiting for the inevitable death, they are taken to sea and left to drift away on a floating iceberg to face death alone.

What to us westerners seems a very cruel practice and really difficult to understand, for them it was a way of survival and they believed that they don’t send their elderly into oblivion, but to another world in the afterlife.

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Today our elderly enjoy the respect they deserve for everything they have been through. We owe so much to them and we can always turn to them for some wisdom that only comes with age. The least we can do is be there for them in their final hours, show them some love, and help them in any way we can. Remember that the same fate awaits every single one of us and I don’t think that anyone wants to be left drifting on an ice berg.

So, if you are a person who likes helping the elderly, give back to the community, and turn that into a legit job, then you should probably get Cert 3 In Aged Care and become an aged care professional.

The Cert 3 In Aged Care will give you the opportunity to experience intensive learning as well as exposure to practical engagement that will help set you on the right career path. Through every step of the training process, you will be guided and supported by professional trainers. Once you acquire these qualifications, you will be able to fulfill your role in a community or residential setting by supporting people who require support due to age or disability. You will gain a wide range of technical, procedural, and factual knowledge and all the theoretical knowledge needed to provide support centered around persons. This course contains a total of 13 units, 7 of which are core and 6 elective. It also features at least 120 hours of industry work placement. After graduating from the course you may take on a role as an aged care professional, community house worker, community support worker, day activity worker, in home respite care worker, and even make your way into nursing.

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