Butch Gift Ideas for your Army Man

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Butch Gift Ideas for your Army Man

Serving your country isn’t always about going into war or being on the frontlines. There’s much more to it. It’s a duty that every soldier has no matter whether it involves warfare or not. By continually strengthening themselves both physically and mentally military personnel is there to aid in other situations too, including natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, wildfires and more. You could say that whatever the danger may be, soldiers are almost always the first line of defence. This says a lot about our military personnel and how valuable they are to our country. So if your man is one of them, you should feel proud and thank him for his service with a special gift. There’s nothing more endearing than surprising your veteran with a gift that shows how important their service is.

Gift Ideas to Consider


Although unusual, gifting your man a pencil or a bulk set of them will remind them of their early classroom days before they became an actual soldier. Almost any army and navy supply store will have pencils suited towards veterans and military personnel, so no matter whether your man is coming back for good or just for a while they will always remind him of the “good old days”.

army pen set

source: http://hhcmilitarygifts.com/

Badges & Coins

Something a soldier is always going to be proud of is their medals and regiments. Getting a coin or a coin set that reminds them of their regiment with some of the sayings inscribed on them can be a wonderful surprise. Couple that with a badge they can put on his hat and you’ll make him feel appreciated for what he’s done. Both coins and badges can be found at any army store and they proudly represent what your man has been a part of. Army men wear them as their pride and joy.


You may not want to propose to him just yet, but an army-inscribed ring to an army solider can be a touching gift. This won’t be the case if you get a plain ring. This ring has to have the emblem of your man’s service be it the air force, navy, marines or army. Again, like the coins and badges, your man will wear it with pride. He won’t even take it off when showering, that’s how much he’ll love it.

military ring gift

source: custommade.com

Display Case

Showcasing all their badges and coins especially when there are too many can’t be done on a t-shirt. While he won’t be able to wear all of them, getting a display case can help your man organise all of his honours and place them on a table or shelf. These cases are usually made of mahogany and can hold up about 30 medals or coins. The honours can be viewed from both the front and back.


A man always wants to be able to tell the time in style no matter if they’re in the army or not. But what you can do for your partner is gift them either a tactical watch or a pocket watch with their service crest onto it. The type of watch will depend on what your man likes, is it something more conventional or the best of modern-day technology.


source: mostcraft.com


Playing cards may seem like an everyday gift, but not to an army man, especially if you go with playing cards themed to their service branch. Sometimes there is just nothing to do in order to pass time, and a deck of cards can make things a bit more interesting. Your man will be reminded of you each time he pulls out that deck of cards.


Found in every army and navy supply store nation-wide getting an army man a repurposed military surplus item will sure make for a surprise to remind your man of their days in the military. This can be especially the case with a bag. Be it a tote bag or a backpack your army man will get lots of use from it and enjoy using it because of the military design and camo pattern.

Tactical Torch

Something that every single person who has served in the military wants is a performance-oriented torch. Unlike a regular flashlight, tactical torches are made so that they provide a similar experience to that of a flashlight used in the military, While your hubby won’t have the same exact experience with a tactical torch as the one he used while on the battlefield he’ll still enjoy its capabilities. Just make sure to get the right one when visiting an army shop to ensure he gets as much use out of it as possible.

military tactical torch

source: gearjunkie.com


A versatile and compact tool that every army man needs both on the battlefield and when going about his day. Gifting your man a multi-tool will allow them to do everything from screwing bolts to opening cans and bottles as well as cut stuff. Some multi-tools come with as much as 20 tools on them whilst others are more compact and can have around 10 different tools. Nothing says tactical like a multi-tool.

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