Beyond the Organic Section in the Produce Aisle: The Benefits of Organic Wine

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Beyond the Organic Section in the Produce Aisle: The Benefits of Organic Wine

Even though it still may not keep you from getting a hangover, the truth is that drinking organic wine is better than drinking regular wine. But, before I move on to discussing the benefits let’s first understand exactly what makes organic wine organic? What is its secret?

Purely based on a natural winemaking process, Australian organic wines contain no chemicals during the making and packing process. In other words, bio organic wine is the drink that uses organic grapes, grown without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, dangerous herbicides or any other kind of chemical. Being made solely from organic grapes, it’s believed that bio organic wine is the healthiest option you can buy. So, the next time you’re wondering what kind of wine to buy, give the organic range a try. You’d be surprised by their amazing taste.

How Can You Benefit from Drinking Organic Wine?

It Contains Fewer Sulphites

Sulphites or sulphur dioxide (SO2) are a preservative used in any commercial alcohol, and wine isn’t an exception. The main reason why sulphites are used in this process is that they contain antioxidants and antibacterial properties which reduce oxidation. Although sulphites are not that dangerous for our health, still, those who suffer from asthma or some other respiratory diseases shouldn’t drink mass-produced wine that contains lots of sulphites.

A glass of red wine

On the other hand, people who don’t have the needed enzymes in the body which are responsible for breaking down sulphites should certainly stop consuming wines that contain more sulphites. So, for one reason or another, sticking to biodynamic wines is better because they don’t contain any added sulphites.

It Has Fewer Additives

Another great thing is that these wines also contain fewer additives, if not any. The one thing we know about Australian wines is that winemakers are doing their best to reduce the use of sulphuric acid and clarification agents. The reason is simple, to produce more natural and organic wine, a wine that is healthier and eco-friendlier. It makes sense, right?

A glass of white wine on the sun
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It Has Less Added Sugar

While some of you might think that the added sugar is related to the wines’ sweetens, the truth is that sugar is more related to the overall alcohol content. The thing about sugar and mass-produced wines is that winemakers use it to hide the bad taste of the use of low-quality grapes, and of course, to increase the alcohol content. And since the goal of organic winemakers is to produce the purest form of wine only with its natural sugars, they strive to use no additional sugar during the winemaking process. This can certainly contribute to having a lighter or no hangover at all. However, keep in mind that this depends mainly on your body and on your drinking habits.

Sipping a glass of red wine

As you can see, this natural and organic alcoholic beverage is way better than any other type of wine. And the truth is that people from all around the world are more aware of this. Speaking of which, it’s said that in Australia the sales of organic wine are significantly growing per year. As we know by now, Australia is the sixth in the world in terms of wine production, but who knows, it might become among the first in organic wine production as well.

Where to Buy Organic Wine?

When in the search for quality and tasty organic wine, first, you should look for one that is certified biodynamic wine. By doing this, you’ll be certain that the chosen wine is organic and made of a trusted and reputable organic winemaker. In order to find a wine of this kind (whether online or offline), you should look for a reputable and specialised organic wine store. Starting your online search is the best you could do as there you can also read real customer reviews regarding the particular supplier or wine.

Organic Wine Store

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Organic Wines

The organic wine market is forecasted to reach 87.5 million cases globally by 2022.
The total organic vine area has increased by 234% since 2007.
It’s said that the majority of organic wine is consumed in Europe.
People are willing to pay more for a sustainable wine. For instance, in the UK, people are paying around 38% more for a bottle of organic wine.
When comparing red and white organic wines, it’s said that people are buying significantly more organic red than white wines.
Some winemakers rely on the use of sustainable farming practices like adding plants that attract insects which can keep vines healthy and thriving. This is certainly way better than using herbicides and pesticides.
Their shelf life is reduced because they contain fewer sulphites. But speaking from another point of view, this makes organic wines tastier and healthier.
Organic wine is gentler to the environment as it doesn’t use synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. This, on the other hand, protects the well-being of land workers.

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