Benefits of Spotting Scopes and How to Find the Ideal One

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Benefits of Spotting Scopes and How to Find the Ideal One

As a hunter, you probably realize that having the right equipment can oftentimes be the difference between a hit and a miss. One such piece of equipment, that you may have not even realized existed until now is the spotting scope. Spotting scopes are becoming increasingly more popular among hunters nowadays, and they’re slowly but surely replacing binoculars. These compact telescopes are designed for terrestrial observing and are far more powerful than your typical binocular.

However, spotting scopes aren’t used exclusively for hunting. Many outdoor enthusiasts who partake in activities such as bird watching, scenic observing, telephotography, nature studies, surveillance, and beginning astronomy can all take advantage of scopes and their enormous magnification power. There are two basic types of spotting scopes: angled and straight.

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Angled scopes are easier to use with multiple people. The higher eyepoint allows you to use a shorter tripod and they are ideal for spotting hiding animals or treetop spotting. On the other hand, straight scopes are easier to aim, at least for beginners, plus they make it easier to spot animals on the ground. Moreover, they cause less strain on your neck when level viewing.

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Picking the right scope can be difficult if you have no experience in using one. First and foremost, look to invest in a waterproof model that’s made of strong construction and preferably use nitrogen-filled optics so they don’t get fogged. Furthermore, the scope should be able to withstand the elements, but it shouldn’t be made of heavy materials that make it difficult and heavy to carry around. It should also be easy to use and focus. Easy-to-use lens caps and built-in, slide-out sunshades can also be helpful.

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Some hunters prefer having both scope and binoculars. They use binoculars to find game, then they use the scope to identify and confirm the game. Using a scope frequently is not a good idea as it can easily tire you out, especially if you’re a beginner. That being said, you should remember to use the widest possible field of view of the scope when initially looking for things, then narrow the field of view as you see fit.

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