Benefits of Wearing a Basketball Knee Brace


Benefits of Wearing a Basketball Knee Brace

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Our knees have to carry a lot of weight all the time, whether we are walking, standing or running. Unfortunately, basketball players are especially prone to knee injuries. During practice and games, the movements that come with the sport put their knees under a lot more pressure than normal activities do. That’s why knee braces are an essential part of the gear for many basketball players. And even if you’re not an athlete, they can be an incredibly helpful accessory. Knee braces are designed to reduce the pain in your knee, prevent injuries, stabilise the knee, and provide it with extra support.

Basketball and Knee Pain

Whether it’s because of runner’s or jumper’s knee or a more serious injury, knee pain is very common for basketball players. Being so prone to injuries – their knees need support, which is why basketball knee pads have become a standard basketball gear or, sometimes, treatment. 

A knee brace is designed to give the knee the extra support, relieve pressure on the joints, after an injury. But unlike other supports, like a lumbar brace, they can also be worn to stabilise the joints and give extra strength, as a prevention, to decrease the risk of getting a knee injury on the court. Wearing a knee support is also helpful in preventing floor burns which are very painful and common with this type of sport. 

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Types of Knee Supports

There are many different types of knee supports for pain relief, stabilisation and injury prevention, and when you are trying to buy a basketball knee brace for yourself, you need to make sure that you get the right one for your particular requirements, one that will be both helpful and comfortable. This may prove to be a daunting task, but a good knee brace is supposed to allow you a full range of motion, soothe any joint pain, as well as reduce pain and swelling, prevent new injuries, and of course, provide you with extra support and stability.

Depending on the reason why a person needs to wear one, there are different types of knee braces – functional braces and rehabilitative braces for support after injury, prophylactic braces for injury prevention, unloader braces and compression sleeves for pain relief.

The Best Knee Support for Basketball Players

Knee sleeves are made from tight flexible material to provide you with extra compression. They are a great way to support your knee and to reduce the pain in your knees. However, these types of knee braces don’t only provide compression, but they increase the stability and provide external support to the joint. They are often used as treatment, as part of the recovery process, and after injuries. A basketball knee brace can not only prevent new damages to the knee, but it can also give the player more confidence to get back into shape.

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Professional-Grade Quality

Like everything else, knee braces have different levels of quality. And even basketball knee supports aren’t all the same. Professional basketball players use more advanced knee braces which provide an incredible amount of protection while allowing for the normal range of movement.

These knee braces are designed to answer every requirement of knee support to keep the athlete’s knee safer. Not only do they keep the player’s knee stable, but they also feature a pad that covers and surrounds the patella. This helps relieve pain and swelling from various types of strains, injuries and damages to the knee. 

Furthermore, they offer compression, which stimulates blood circulation. This is also helpful for reducing pain and swelling, but it also strengthens the muscles and tendons that allow you to move your knee. 

Breathable and Durable Materials

Knee braces are generally made from a combination of different materials, including strong elastic fabrics and straps, foam, metal, plastic, etc. Different manufacturers will provide different quality, different materials and so on, and the better the quality of the material, the more expensive the brace. A really good basketball knee brace is made to be very comfortable. The materials that will touch your skin are supposed to be not only durable and resilient, but also, they shouldn’t cause irritation, and they should feel nice. High-quality comfortable basketball knee braces are furthermore made of lightweight materials, and they are breathable, as well as moisture-wicking.

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The Proper Fit

Once you’ve found what kind of knee brace is the right for you and you’ve selected the right materials, you should make sure that you buy the right fit. An ill-fitted knee brace won’t really protect your knee, and it can even be harmful. Furthermore, athletes should always be cautious about the position of the brace during physical activities. That’s why it’s best to get a basketball knee strap with adjustable features. 

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