Benefits of Using Handmade Tableware

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Benefits of Using Handmade Tableware

Something as small as tableware can make a huge difference, regardless of whether you are choosing it for your business or your home. Tableware is one of the best ways to spruce up your home, one of the most popular choices for gifts, one of the most important elements in restaurants, cafes and other hospitality establishments. And amongst the vast range of choices, ceramics, and especially handmade ceramics, are one of the most elegant and sophisticated options for tableware.

The Beauty of Uniqueness

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Every time we are looking for something to buy for our homes or businesses, there are several things we take into consideration. When it comes to tableware these things include safety, durability, quality, functionality and, of course, style. Whether they are moving to a new place, renovating or simply refreshing, most people try to find objects that will match and improve on their style and overall design. Aside from making your life easier and more convenient, each of the kitchen must-haves that you will buy can help you show off and reaffirm your personal style. Nevertheless, the size and the shape of the room, the kitchen flooring, the walls and so on can set up some limitations to your choices. 

So, tableware can be the perfect way to express your taste while providing your home with a beautiful finishing touch. And because it’s one of the things that are used all the time, the pieces that you will buy should always be an asset in terms of aesthetics. Handmade tableware is a great way to show your personality. But what makes objects made by hand so attractive for most of us, is the fact that each of them is unique. There is something inexplicably enjoyable in knowing that your favourite handmade cup is one of a kind, and a handmade mug, bowl or plate can never be repeated. 

It’s much harder to have a connection to a mass-produced object. Handmade tableware, and especially the pieces you use most frequently, become more meaningful, whether you’ve bought them for yourself, or you got them as a gift. Moreover, when done by hand, creating ceramic pieces is an art form, and each piece, an art piece, even if only in the eyes of the person who finds them aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreover, ceramic pieces are a great inspiration for creativity, and not only for those who create them. While the material is strong and durable, it’s not the most impact-resistant option. Nevertheless, with ceramics becoming once again a popular option in the quest for alternatives to disposable objects, many people are looking for ways to repair instead of replacing them. This is why kintsugi has become such a popular concept amongst people in the Western world. The ancient Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics and embracing the beauty of imperfections, kintsugi, is a great option for DIY enthusiasts and people trying to reduce waste. 

Better Taste and Safety

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There is a lot to be said about why ceramics are so used in households and hospitality establishments around the world. Aside from their versatility, aesthetics, as well as their durability, ceramic containers don’t affect the flavour of the food or the beverages that you are consuming. Moreover, it has been proven that humans are greatly affected by aesthetics. When it comes to tableware, this also affects our minds. This is why when you use a beautiful handmade cup to consume your favourite beverage, it simply tastes better. 

While it may seem illogical and more as a fantasy than a fact, many people find this to be true. So, even if it’s a lie we tell ourselves, our preferable coffee mug makes for the best tasting coffee. This can be influenced by many factors aside from aesthetics. Most people find that their favourite coffee mug, for instance, has the perfect weight, thickness, texture, and feels the most comfortable in their hands and on their lips. All of this probably contributes to the taste of the beverage. Moreover, ceramic pieces retain heat better than other materials.

One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing tableware sets is of course safety. Ceramic materials are non-toxic which makes them safe for consuming food. 

Handmade Is Better for the Environment

making of handmade mugs

With awareness about our planet’s struggle with waste, more and more people are rejecting mass-produced homeware and other products, and more and more we show real interest in where the products we are using and buying are coming from. This is one of the reasons why a handmade ceramic tableware set might be the right choice for you. By buying handmade products you are supporting people in a much more direct way and making a difference on a bigger scale.

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