Benefits of Quilts That Will Coax You into Making Your Bed Every Morning

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Benefits of Quilts That Will Coax You into Making Your Bed Every Morning

Truth be told, I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet that enjoys making their bed in the morning. So if you’re like most people, I bet that you gladly snooze the alarm for those extra five minutes like your life depends on it. But aren’t you sick and tired of coming back home from work and having to deal with the mess you left in the morning? I know I am. Time to end this bad habit and start doing what needs to be done. Since straightening sheets and tucking in corners is a pain in the neck, why not go for a more practical solution – quilts?

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Quilts are a very practical alternative when it comes to making a bed look tidy in a matter of seconds, and they are just as attractive and comfortable as traditional sheets and blankets. With a soft quilt and a fitted cover, your bed will make your room look tidier with a single move. Plus, quilts come with a multitude of benefits that make them a very desirable bedding choice.

Stylish Quilt Covers Can Instantly Refresh a Bedroom

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Great for Cold Winter Nights

The primary purpose of quilts is to keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter. If you get particularly cold, opt for a down quilt that has the highest fill power possible – offering a great insulation layer. Wool is also a favourite filling due to its ability to keep you warm, but also because it’s hypoallergenic, as opposed to down.

And Even for the Summer

Of course, you might think that soft and warm quilts are only suitable for cold winter nights, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Today, there is a variety of quilts with low tog ratings which are light and breathable for summer use. Natural fibres, such as cotton or bamboo, are best for warm weather as they can absorb excess moisture and allow your skin to breathe. If you’re still too hot, you can tuck the quilts away but still use the quilt covers instead of sheets as an excellent bedding solution for spring and summer nights.

Whether you’re sleeping with a quilt or only a quilt cover, all you need to do is spread it across the bed and it will be instantly ready – no straightening, no tucking in. Gorgeous quilts and covers will make you look forward to neatening your bed every morning, which can positively change your life by being a keystone habit that jump starts all kinds of other good behaviours.

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