Benefits of Investing in Buro Ergonomic Chairs

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Benefits of Investing in Buro Ergonomic Chairs

Generally speaking, the average office worker spends about 8 hours per day sitting at their office desk. Sitting at the same place and in the same position for so many hours can put a great deal of strain and pressure on the body. Additionally, this can lead to some serious health complications including deep vein thrombosis (DVT), diabetes and even heart disease.

Fortunately, this can be easily resolved with the help of ergonomic chairs which are not a luxury, but an actual necessity. It has been proven that ergonomic seating can help workers feel more at ease while seating as these chairs are designed to take the pressure of certain key points. Nowadays, there are lots of ergonomic chairs available on the market and many of them are from reputable brands. Out of all, Buro chairs seem to be the most prominent, comfortable, and beneficial choice as of late. The main purpose of this brand is simple – to allow workers to sit more comfortable and perform better at their work. They have managed to design stylish work chairs with ergonomic design that can fit anyone’s needs. Read on to find out more about the factors that make these chairs stand out.

Proper Posture & Hip Alignment

All types of ergonomic Buro chairs are designed to support the natural posture of the body and to reduce the pressure in general. The backs of these chairs usually have full length and are extending from the shoulders to the seat. Almost all office Buro chairs also have lumbar support which is essential for protecting the lumbar spine. Lumbar support is the section in the lower part of the back that is curved forward to match the natural curve of the lumbar spine. All ergonomic desk chairs from Buro also have an adjustable seat height, so workers can adjust them at the needed level.

Speaking from another point of view, proper posture can lead to proper hip and pelvis alignment. According to medical professionals, when sitting in the correct position, the bony structures on the pelvic bones (called ASIS) and the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS) should be leveled properly in correlation one to another. By having both ASIS and PSIS leveled, there will be less strain on the low back of one’s person.

Prevents Slouching and Forward Head Posture

One of the most common condition people experience when not seating on ergonomic chairs is slouching. In this position, the shoulder blades slide away from the thoracic spine and the head moves into a forward and protracted position. Furthermore, when a person moves the head up to look at the computer monitor, the neck moves into an extension which exaggerates the forward head posture. So, if the person continues to work in that position, headaches, neck pain, and muscle strain will surely become a daily thing.

Slouching can be caused by both internal and external factors. Some internal factors that can cause slouching are: obesity, tight hamstrings, limited hip flexion range of motion and weak core muscles that are unable to hold the spine upright against gravity. One of the most common external factors that can cause slouching are the limited chairs designs like not proper seat depth, straight seat back and low armrests.

So, if slouching is caused by external factors, Buro ergonomic chairs can prevent this condition. The seatback contour and lumbar spine support of these chairs, along with the right armrest position are the main features that can prevent slouching. Some of these ergonomic chairs even offer adjustment of the seat depth and an adjustment of the seatback’s tilt and angle. All of these things can significantly improve one’s slouching condition, which is considered one of the many reasons why investing in ergonomic office chairs is beneficial.

Improved Comfort, Health & Productivity

Usually, ergonomic office chairs have more padding and back cushioning which is contoured to improve one’s fit. Plus, when compared to some cheap office chairs, the ergonomic models are usually made of exceptional quality materials as they are designed with people’s health in mind. Thanks to this and to all of the aforementioned things, ergonomic chairs can truly improve one’s comfort and health – they can help workers focus more on their work and for longer periods of time as they won’t be interrupted by any type of pain or discomfort. This can help increase employees’ job satisfaction and their engagement which is sure to reflect positively on the overall company’s reputation.

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