Benefits of a Baby Bath Stand: Making Bath Time Safe and Fun

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Benefits of a Baby Bath Stand: Making Bath Time Safe and Fun

Having children is a blessing that everyone who longs for should be able to experience it. It’s something that will truly build you and reshape you, helping you become a better person, the best and complete version of you. From the very first time children come into this world, you will breathe and live for them, so it is understandable that you will want to invest in the best possible baby products. And besides the usual baby clothes, shoes and skincare products, you shouldn’t forget about bath products either.

While investing in quality, natural and organic hygiene products is essential, bath accessories can also play a huge role in how comfortable both you and your baby will be. How come?! Well, except for your baby’s comfort, you should also think of yours, since your baby will need a strong and healthy mom. And fortunately, these days, you have the opportunity to invest in a bath stand that is designed to hold the bathtub without the need to bend.

Since bath time is important for babies’ mind, body and soul, making bath time more enjoyable for both of you is the best thing you can do.

Benefits of Using a Baby Bath Stand

Convenient to Use

Bath Stand

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to bathe your baby without the need to kneel or bend?! Regardless of your age, size or weight, bathing your baby in an uncomfortable position where you need to bend repeatedly and on a daily basis, can certainly take its toll. Back pain, dizziness and shoulder stiffness are among the most common conditions that you can experience.

But thanks to the well-stocked baby supply shops, you can choose a height adjusted, quality and sturdy bath stand that can allow you to bathe your baby in an upright position. This can certainly prevent and reduce any pain you might have had.

The simple thing that you won’t have to kneel or bend when bathing your baby will make you feel more relaxed, which will have a positive impact on your mood and behaviour. Since babies can sense everything even when in the womb, your baby can certainly feel the positive energy and will be calmer and more relaxed.


Usually made of lightweight metal, these stands are easy to move around the home. Depending on the model you choose, some of them can have fixed legs or lockable wheels, allowing you to move the stand with ease. Being able to fold, these stands can easily fit into any vehicle, allowing you to carry them with you when going on a vacation or when going away for the weekend.

Easy to Store

Being able to fold, these amazing and new models of bath stands are also extremely easy to store. All you need to do is to fold them after each use and toss them somewhere. This could be quite a help, especially when tight on space. All it takes is to fold it and hide it behind the door, in the wardrobe or anywhere you want. That convenient it is.

How to Make Bath Time More Fun

Sing to Your Baby


You can’t expect your baby to enjoy and relax in the tub from the very first day. Since this is something completely new, you need to make it as comfy as possible. That being said, the first and most obvious thing you can do is to talk and sing to him/her. Start singing gently while also adding some soothing and interesting sounds.

Don’t be shy, make some funny faces and let your voice out. Your baby doesn’t care if you have the voice to sing or not, as for them, your voice is the most soothing thing in the whole wide world. Since during the first month the only thing your baby can see is silhouettes, she/he will easily recognise you through your voice, and thus get more relaxed.

Give Your Baby Only One Toy

When bigger, instead of giving your baby tons of toys, give only one toy of his/her choice. Be it a plastic cup, a rubber duck or some squeaky toy, your baby would love to have it near, making bath time more fun and busy.

Note: Get used to the splash as they are inevitable once your baby discovers his/her hands and starts grabbing with them.

Make a Bubbly Bath

Bubbly Bath

Let’s be honest, bubbles are fun, and nothing can be more fun than having a bubbly bath every day. Your baby will love the idea of catching as many bubbles as possible while also popping them with his tiny little fingers. To make things more fun, you can even use different sized bubble wands and start making as many bubbles as you can. Once your baby is bigger or a toddler, you can even teach her/him how to blow the bubbles on her/his own.

Give Your Baby a Little Bath Sponge

Squishy squish, bubbly bath, everything is so warm and nice. Bath time is the perfect time to introduce your baby to different textures, and you can always use the amazing bath sponges. Coming in different shapes, sizes, colours and made from different material, these sponges can help your baby touch a different texture, aside from the plush toys and rubber toys. Since sponges are made to soak water, your baby will be able to squeeze the water and put it back in the tub to fill it once again. This will turn into a fun and relaxing routine that your baby will adore.

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