Benefit Your Snowboarding Experience: Buy the Suitable Bindings!

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Benefit Your Snowboarding Experience: Buy the Suitable Bindings!

Same as with any sport, if you want to make the most of snowboarding, you require adequate equipment you can rely on – that is, besides your skills and techniques. Now, when I say equipment that would help you benefit your health, well-being and safety, I bet most of you reading this would immediately think of something basic like the snowboard.

Others may focus on snowboard boots and clothes that would help them conquer the slopes, in addition to protective essentials in the example of snowboard helmets and goggles. But if you want to count on the best experience possible, whenever gliding over powder, you can’t overlook crucial accessories either.

Such is the case with practical snowboard bindings Australia wide shops have to offer. In basic terms, these are the bits that keep your boots attached to the snowboard, kind of like they do with the skis.

Why are they so important you ask? They enable you to get utmost control over the board, giving you power from your legs, feet and body to the board, and vice versa. Moreover, they’re key for absorbing vibrations, as well as maximising both comfort and precisions, which are only some of the perks these accessories offer.

What are the Different Types of Snowboard Bindings?

different snowboards with snowboard bindings on them

Considering the range of options is vast, not only in terms of brands but prices too, it’s necessary to start your shopping with something fundamental like the different types of bindings. The following are the standards:

1. Strap In Bindings

One of the most widely used types, it’s also known as traditional. Due to the straps, it’s considered the best option for snowboard bindings as it allows for great customisation at the heels and at the toes. Simply slide your feet, strap in to tighten and get the adequate size, and you’re ready for powder time. Perfect if you’re after something that offers the ideal fit as well as responsiveness!

2. Step On Bindings

man holding snowboard bindings close up

Beginner snowboarders would benefit from this type because it’s very easy to use – on top of that, it’s also fast, unlike the strap in alternative which requires tightening. Simply slide your feet and click the heels in place.

Since it was the Burton brand that revolutionised the concept, you can only use these bindings with specialised Burton step on boots, so if you’re willing to spend additionally on this equipment too, you’d be able to make the most of the gear. This “difficulty” aside, they’re beneficial for people who have problems with dexterity and anyone with trouble with strapping bindings like with the strap in type.

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3. Rear Entry Bindings

As you might guess, this type of snowboard bindings Australia round stores provide has highbacks that pop open. Once they do, you can slide your feet to the toe straps, adjust them, then close the reinforced highbacks. When you adjust them to get the right fit, you won’t have to repeat this every time you go snowboarding.

What are Important Aspects of Binding Boot Compatibility?

snowboard bindings close up

Since one size doesn’t fit all, there are the S/M (small), M/L (medium), and L/XL (large) bindings. What this means is prior to shopping, it’s imperative to pay attention to the size of the desired model.

Since different brands offer designs of bindings for snowboards that vary in sizing, in case you’re in doubt as to whether or not one model would be suitable for you, check if there’s size chart info available from the manufacturer to have peace of mind. Unlike in the past when women’s options weren’t available, nowadays there’s a lot of choices of these bindings too, including in an extra size, such as the XS (extra small).

It’s important to remember, the right binding straps won’t tighten the boots too much, nor would they let them hang on loosely. A good grip with the boots is necessary by fitting the heels snugly and securely and allowing them to flex nicely without making them oscillate.

What are Important Aspects of Binding Snowboard Compatibility?

man strapping in snowboarding bindings

Same as the snowboard bindings Australia retailers sell that need to be in the right size to fit the boots properly, they need to be suitable for the boards. To make sure you don’t make any mistakes with the fit, it’s necessary to pay attention to the patterns.

Even though in general there’s compatibility with the patterns, there can still be some variations which means you might end up with the wrong set for your snowboard. The common patterns are 2×4, 4×4, Burton 3D and Burton Channel. If it’s more mounting options you’re after, to have more flexibility, then you’d be better off with the 2×4 which is simply a variation of the 4×4.

Since the Channel used to be most unique, to be certain you buy suitable bindings if you own this type of snowboard, then it’s crucial to choose those that have universal mount discs, or those that are suitable for Channel and Re: Flex.

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