Beeswax Gifts: Beneficial for You and the Environment

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Beeswax Gifts: Beneficial for You and the Environment

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Giving someone a naturally sourced gift means giving them something that’s unique and special at the same time. Naturally sourced gifts are usually handmade, carefully crafted items, no matter what they are. And the attention to composition and detail is always way above what you’d get from a generically made item. 

When it comes to nature, there are a lot of things that are beneficial for the health of both your body and mind, but they are also beneficial for the health of the environment, too. As I said, there are a lot of things in nature that can be used to make amazing gifting items, but one stands out and that’s beeswax. Bee wax is very high up on the list, leading the game of nature-sourced products that have incredible uses and performance. 

If you’re thinking of gifting products made from beeswax, I have some ideas that might help you out in your search! 


beeswax candles

Candles are always a great gift idea. They help us relax, can create an amazing atmosphere, and just give the space they’re placed in a soft, miraculous feeling no other light source really can replace. 

There are a lot of candle manufacturers out there, and naturally, there are a lot of different candle types as well. Beeswax candles, however, are a type of candle that provides much more than just what I mentioned above. 

From the get-go, beeswax candles just look different. Their colour can range from deep brown to pink and orange, and it depends on the flowers the bees harvested! For a nature enthusiast, this is an excellent thing, as they know they’re getting something that nature herself has made and it hasn’t been tampered with at all! 

Beeswax candles are also leaders in longevity. They display peak performance when it comes to burning, proven to be able to burn for longer than an average, regular candle of the same size. This is such a great feature as many of us know the pain when you buy a candle and it just burns out before you even get a chance to enjoy it. With beeswax candles, this will be a problem of the past. 

Another great thing about these candles is the fact that they are literally pure beeswax. No additives, no nothing. Unlike their toxic cousins that can contain lots of harmful components, beeswax candles don’t emit anything that may harm you. The only things they do emit is a light honey aroma coming from the beeswax itself and lovely, warm light.

Beeswax candles come in many shapes and sizes. From standard tealight candles to interesting, designer shapes, I’m sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to match the person you’re buying for! 


Beeswax wraps

As someone who is an eco-enthusiast, this option got me really excited! I’m always looking for alternatives to store and cover food with, trying my best to avoid single-use plastic, and beeswax wraps are the perfect replacement! 

If you have a friend that’s like me and also doesn’t enjoy single-use plastic that harms the Earth, they’ll love their beeswax wraps. Still, not just any beeswax wrap would do. There are many manufacturers out there that create beeswax wraps, but they’re not all up to standard. Here are a few pointers. 

Firstly, you need to make sure that the beeswax they’re using is ethically gathered and organic. Since these wraps will be coming into contact with food, having harmful ingredients touching the stuff you’re saving for later is a huge no-no. By getting wraps you’re sure are made with natural ingredients only you’re ensuring the safety of your food and by connection, yourself. 

Next up’s the material itself. Cotton fabric is probably your best bet as cotton has highly breathable properties but it also protects. What’s more, cotton is very durable, with organic cotton offering more durability and protective properties. Cotton is also easy to maintain. 

Finally, make sure the wraps you’re getting guarantee easy use. Wraps such as these are made to be able to stick to a container or themselves by just being in contact with your warm skin. If the wraps you’re looking at can’t guarantee this, you should consider other options. Easy use is one of the greatest features beeswax provide and getting ones that lack it just defeats the purpose.

What makes beeswax wraps such a giftable item though, aside from these properties, is the fact that they usually come in various sizes and feature different designs! From retro style and floral to cute illustrations and enticing patterns, you have the option to choose from a great variety that is bound to have something that’s perfect for the one you’re buying for! 


beeswax chapstick

As I said in the beginning, products made of beeswax carry great benefits for our health. The cosmetics industry is often using this golden component in their products to make them even more nourishing and soothing. 

Things like beeswax chapstick, an extremely popular item around the globe for all the good reasons are one of many you can consider. It’s smart to get a few items and create your very own, customized gift bag you’re going to gift to your friend. 

Look in organic shops as well as in online stores to find the perfect products. There’s skincare as well as hair care that’s been enriched with beeswax or have beeswax as their primary ingredient. We all know about bathing in milk and honey, so beeswax really offers an alternative to that. 

Smartly used and combined with other organic ingredients it produces an item that will definitely become one of your friend’s holy grails when it comes to taking care of themselves! You can even throw in a couple of beeswax candles to round the gift up and offer them a complete kit for self-pampering and relaxation! 

If you really want to hit home, instead of wrapping your present in cellophane or something similar, use a big enough beeswax wrap with an interesting design! This way you’re making sure every part of the gift is usable and nothing goes to waste! If your friend (or you!) is an eco-enthusiast, they’ll really appreciate the gesture! 

I hope I’ve given you a good idea of what beeswax products can offer and how giftable they really are. It’s up to you now to take your pick and create the best gift basket out there! As I said in the beginning, special and unique is always the way to go! 

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