Same as with any industry, the automotive is undergoing considerable changes these years, driven by technology. These revolutionary times are bringing us enhanced designs, both aesthetically and functionally, but what’s more fascinating is the growing interest for sustainability, leading to a bigger range of green options and electrification in the example of hybrid models and electric batteries.

It’s needless to say this is already impacting the consumer behaviour, and the automotive engineering benefits reflect the benefits of buying a new car, which is why the automotive revenue pool is expected to continue increasing over the years despite the changes from the traditional car manufacturing sphere. Additionally, we’re also likely to be seeing more of autonomous driving.

This isn’t to say, however, that we won’t be witnessing other trends as a result too, among which car-sharing and connectivity, further transforming the consumer habits due to a bigger eco-awareness. Though car sales won’t significantly be affected, this would reshape the automotive world as we know it, bringing about the rise in on-demand tailored solutions created for specific needs.

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