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Although some might argue internet killed the video star, truth is it only helped transform it as can be seen with examples like video sharing services and platforms as in the case with YouTube and Vimeo. The numerous social networks also contribute to this, and the fact the audio-visual technology is used in both personal and professional spheres goes to show the audio and video stars continue strong.

The benefits of digital audio along with the video benefits have become known, thanks to low cost multimedia technologies, to the point of changing the way we communicate at events, the workplace, the hospitals, the schools, as well as public spaces, introducing more creative audio-visual means, such as digital signage and video walls and making it easier than ever before to stay in touch with quality content, and better yet create and share it.

One of the latest trends in the audio-visual technology sphere, following video conferencing, streaming and virtual reality, is voice commerce. It offers the shift from typing to a more natural solution, certainly influenced by the versatile smart speakers, like Apple’s HomePod, Google’s Home Speaker and Amazon’s Echo.

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