Whether you take it seriously or check it just for fun, fact is astrology is as popular as ever and we’ve got millennials to thank for this huge comeback. Though not a science per se, rather pseudoscience as some would call it, it’s got pretty cool planetary patterns backing it up that aren’t just helpful with explaining personalities to detail but also with offering predictions on what awaits us in the realm of opportunities.

From relying on the daily horoscope to make it through the great and rough periods in life, to checking out love compatibility with a crush and whether the planets are in favour of that long-awaited raise, the benefits of astrology certainly fascinate humankind for centuries and there’s no doubt the sense of comfort provides in times of anxiety has something to do with it.

We’ve taken it a step forward nowadays due to the advancements in technology, so you can easily stay updated to the planetary positions, how that affects your sign with the help of horoscope related apps and blog posts like ours and know if you can blame your moodiness on “retrograde Mercury”.

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