3 Benefits of Kids Play Rugs

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3 Benefits of Kids Play Rugs

Children learn about the world around them and themselves through play. As babies grow, they become more and more active, looking for more stimulation to satisfy their curiosity, as well as their instinct for learning new things and challenge themselves. There are many different products you can purchase for your child to help them grow and develop. One such simple, but very convenient and useful product, which in a way connects many other things you might get for your child to play with and learn, is kids play rugs.

kids playing on rug

Choosing things for our kids is far from an easy task. As a parent, we look at ordinary items, and we see many dimensions in them. When a mother or a father looks at a cute kids floor rug, they don’t see a simple thing that will cover the floor, but rather the thing on which their baby will transition from their tummy to all fours and finally up on their feet. And this is exactly what you are getting when you buy an adorable kids play rug that has all the right features. What’s more, these decor pieces also come with additional benefits essential for your child’s proper development.  

Why Do You Need a Good Kids Play Rug? 

Kids bedroom rugs, like the majority of the things you surround them with, will make an impact on your little one’s development. Their texture, the way they feel to the touch, their colours and patterns – all play an important role in your little one’s development. Good quality play rugs are designed to stimulate and engage many of the aspects that aid children in their physical and mental development. 

As they grow, babies sleep less, move more, and become more and more active. Most of the toys and baby products we buy for them, while cute and fun, may also help them learn new things. A simple product like a kids rug can be designed in a way that will engage your child, attracting their attention with different shapes, designs and colours.

baby on rug

1. Boosting Cognitive and Motor Abilities  

All of the features on well-thought-out nursery rugs will provoke your child to crawl, kick, grasp, squeeze, pull, turn to satisfy their curiosity. This way they will start discovering their strength, their body, as well as start learning the concepts of shape, colour, distance, sizes, and so on. Meanwhile, they will make a progress in the development not only of their motor skills but also of their cognitive abilities.

These types of products are especially important in the very early stages of children’s development, before the time when they become ready to start playing with more challenging things, such as interactive and educational toys, or before they can start learning skills like playing the guitar, riding a bike etc. 

In other words, if you aren’t simply looking for a good-looking rug, but you want to get the most of your kids’ carpet, go for one that features contrasting bright and vivid colours rather than neutral colours with patterns that don’t really pop up. Look for one that has more shapes, patterns and so on. This way, as the child tries to reach a shape featured on the rug or a soft toy you placed there for them, they’ll learn to focus their eyes, and coordinate them with their hands. Plus, they will be prompted to move, grasp, pull, crawl on their tummy, on all fours and eventually on their feet.

vivid colours kids- rugs

2. Discovering Their Senses 

Another important thing to mention is that a kids play rug is a great way to help your child keep discovering their own senses. As they move about on the carpet, the child will feel the fabric on their skin, hear the sounds that the fabric beneath them makes, they’ll start seeing colours and shapes and so on. In other words, it’s a simple and effective way to stimulate your kid’s visual, auditory and tactile senses. 

As they are rolling, kicking, reaching, touching, grasping, pulling and so on, babies get a better sense of their own bodies. On a play rug, your little one will have more freedom of movement than if they were in their cot, for instance, which in turn will also help them learn about independence.

3. Boosting Mental Abilities 

In a direct or indirect way, play rugs are great for your child’s mental development. Along with self-discovery, comes courage and challenging yourself. All of this requires being able to concentrate on a task. As insignificant as it seems, even reaching for a colourful blob on a carpet, can be important, as a thing your child needs to overcome, something they have to do in order to get what they want.

All the things that your child will get from a simple item like a rug, if designed and used purposefully, can end up as the foundation upon which your child will grow into their own person. Because things like problem-solving, creativity, imagination and critical thinking are all developed in early childhood and can depend even on the smallest or seemingly unimportant things.

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